New Amazon Kindle Commercial Highlights iPad Drawbacks

Published on February 22, 2011
by Tricia Duryee

Amazon has released a new TV commercial that highlights the Kindle’s benefits over other tablets, like Apple’s popular iPad.

The commercial comes at a time when a feud could be developing between Apple and publishers regarding how books, newspapers and magazine subscriptions are sold on iOS devices.

Whereas Amazon may have to share up to 30 percent of sales on some content with Apple if it was sold on the iPad, it will clearly profit from everything sold on its own hardware.

If I were them, I’d be pushing the Kindle right now, too.

The 30-second spot called “The Book Lives On,” features young hipsters, quite ridiculously holding a Kindle while walking a handrail like a tightrope or jumping through the air.

I guess that means it is durable.

But the more serious moments occur when a woman can’t read her tablet [insert iPad here] in a cafe because the screen has too much glare. Other benefits that are mentioned are that it can be read in bright sunlight and the battery life last for up to a month.

Of course, the Kindle is a single-purpose device used for reading books and other periodicals, whereas the iPad offers a much richer experience for browsing the Web and downloading apps.


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