Netflix Announces Boot Camp-Free Streaming for Mac

Published on October 27, 2008
by John Paczkowski

Ironic, isn’t it? Netflix is finally adding Mac support to its “Watch Instantly” video-streaming service–and we have Microsoft to thank for it. This morning, the online DVD rental pioneer began rolling out a second-generation streaming media player that includes support for Intel-based Macs, and the Firefox Web browser as well. Making it all possible: Silverlight, Microsoft’s (MSFT) Flash substitute. With its Play Ready digital rights management, Silverlight allows Netflix (NFLX) to copy-protect streamed content on Mac, something the company had been unable to do because of the lack of a studio-sanctioned Mac DRM scheme beyond Apple’s own, which the Mac maker–of, course–refuses to license.

Netflix’s second-generation player will initially be offered to a small group of subscribers before being made widely available to all those with Intel-based Macs by the end of the year. That means 12,000+ titles available for streaming without having to bother with Boot Camp or other virtualization programs.

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