Will Apple Buzz Overshadow CES (Again)?

Published on January 4, 2010
by Andrew LaVallee

The Consumer Electronics Show starts Thursday and will feature thousands of technology vendors clamoring for attention. They’ll have their work cut out for them.

The Apple (AAPL) tablet, an Internet-connected, touch-screen device, has dominated the tech blogosphere in recent weeks, even though it hasn’t been formally announced by the secretive company. The Journal reported that Apple is in talks with TV networks for a related subscription service, and outlets have also discussed the possible component makers that will work with Apple.

Apple watchers expect the company–maybe even Steve Jobs, who has been closely involved with the tablet’s development–to unveil the tablet in three weeks (Jan. 27, according to All Things D), and while Apple won’t be at CES, you can bet that attendees and exhibitors will be talking about it.

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