Skullcandy IPO? Check Your Head.

Published on February 1, 2011
by Dennis K. Berman

If anyone needs proof the tech sector has entered extra-frothy, double-latte territory, it’s best to look past the immense valuations discussed for Groupon or Facebook.

Look instead on the market’s margins, where a new set of tech companies is racing to attract public investors before the warm, buzzy feeling wears off.

That’s where a curious document was released Friday afternoon: The initial-public-offering papers for a company called Skullcandy, Inc., issued by top-tier underwriters at Bank of America-Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley.

You probably try to avoid things called Skullcandy. Your kids think otherwise. Lately, they may have been pestering you for a pair of Skullcandy headphones for their iPhones. These headphones are typically stamped with bright colors and large skulls, presumably to enhance parental annoyance.

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