So You Want to Use Your iPhone for Work? Uh-oh.

Published on April 25, 2011
by Roger Cheng

For lots of workers, the company BlackBerry just doesn’t cut it anymore.

As people pack increasingly sophisticated smartphones in their personal life, they’re clamoring to use those gadgets in the workplace as well. And many of their bosses are loosening up. They’re ditching the traditional BlackBerry-or-nothing policy and allowing a wider range of mobile devices, including tablets such as the iPad.

This arrangement can bring benefits for both sides. Businesses don’t have to buy as many phones for employees. Employees, meanwhile, don’t have to carry two devices around, and people who didn’t get a company phone before can have one now.

But there are a lot of potential pitfalls, too. Few smartphones offer the security features that the BlackBerry is known for.

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