Twitter Chairman Jack Dorsey Still Can’t Define What Twitter Is

Published on June 1, 2011
by Ina Fried

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey says he still can’t really define the service he created.

“I don’t have an answer and I don’t think we need to have an answer,” Dorsey said, speaking on stage at D9, addressing his dual role as product chief at Twitter and CEO at Square.

Twitter, he said, is different things to different people. “Twitter is the world.”

Although it is a marketing challenge, the company needs to embrace that.

“People come to Twitter and they change their usage tweet by tweet,” he said.

One thing that Dorsey said that he hopes Twitter is–and will remain–is an independent company. As to whether the company will sell shares to the public, he said that remains a possibility. “I don’t know what the timing is, we really can’t tell.”

Reflecting on Twitter’s role in the geopolitical world, Dorsey said the service is an enabler of conversations.

“I think our main responsibility is to keep our service up and available to everybody,” Dorsey said, noting that it revealed political movements happening half a world away as a collection of real people, taking to the streets.

“The entire world could see and–most importantly–support that message,” he said. “Our mission and our goal is to make sure that venue always exists.”

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