How to Transition to HD in a Recession

Published on March 3, 2009
by Christopher Lawton

High-definition flat panel televisions get cheaper every day, but for most people they still aren’t considered a cheap purchase. Tack on the cost of Blu-ray players, movies and HD cable, and you can find yourself saddled with bills as you transition from standard definition to high-definition.

So what if you’re someone who wants to watch the big game in HD, but without skimping on the basic luxuries like food and clothing? Well, we’ve found some options for you.

For one, the government postponed the date when broadcasters switch to digital TV signals to June 12 from February. That means that we’ll likely see TV manufacturers and retailers continue to discount new flat panel TVs to lure those of us who haven’t yet upgraded from the bulky old-school tubes.

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