Roughly One in 10 Smartphones on T-Mobile USA Is an iPhone

Published on June 24, 2011
by Ina Fried

We all know that the iPhone is very popular at AT&T and Verizon, but T-Mobile confirmed this week that it is also one of the most used phones on its network.

T-Mobile said this week that it now has more than 1 million iPhones running on its network. That suggests that iPhones make up somewhere on the order of 10 percent of smartphones on T-Mobile’s network, which now boasts more than 10 million smartphones, up from 9.1 million smartphones at the end of the first quarter.

That’s remarkable given the fact that T-Mobile doesn’t sell the iPhone. It’s even more incredible given the steps a user has to take to get the iPhone running on T-Mobile. First, a user has to get the phone unlocked. Second, the current iPhone uses a smaller SIM card that T-Mobile doesn’t offer, meaning those who want to use that model have to also cut a SIM card to get it to work on the network.

And once you do get an iPhone ready to run on T-Mobile, you also have to accept the fact that it will only run on T-Mobile’s older, second-generation data network because the phone supports only the 3G HSPA bands used by AT&T.

But apparently even those challenges haven’t stopped a significant number of people from squeezing the iPhone onto T-Mobile. For its part, T-Mobile says it shows the strength of their rate plans.

“Consumers appreciate having the flexibility to find the network service and rate plans that best meet their needs, so T-Mobile continues to be a very attractive option for unlocked phones,” T-Mobile Communications Director Hernan Daguerre said in a statement to AllThingsD.

And things have recently gotten a bit easier for those looking to take their iPhone onto T-Mobile’s network. Apple has started offering an unlocked version of the iPhone 4.

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