Tech Investing: Rules to Live By (Part 1)

Published on March 5, 2009
by Eric Savitz

Carl Johnson, an underappreciated observer of the tech investing world and a long time analyst on the semiconductor equipment business, who can be found online at Infrastructure Wednesday afternoon, sent along an annotated version of a list of the Top 10 Tech Investing Rules, as set down in Institutional Investor magazine by J.P. Morgan chip analyst Christopher Danely.

Carl did two things to make Danely’s valuable list even better. One, he provided his own commentary on Danely’s thoughts. And two, he decided that what investors really need is a Baskin-Robbins length list of 31 rules. In Part 1 of this post, I offer up Danely’s list along with Carl’s commentary. And in Part 2, I tack on Carl’s additional rules. The result is a lot to read, but some extremely useful insights.

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