Exclusive: Exec Changes at MSN–Jorgensen to Mobile, Cahall to MSN

Here is a memo just put out by Microsoft SVP Satya Nadella about big management changes at MSN, obtained by BoomTown. Current MSN head Erik Jorgensen will move over full-time to focus on mobile efforts and his replacement will be Ted Cahall, who most recently headed AOL’s tech efforts.

Liveblogging the Yahoo Search "Chalk Talk": Kill the 10 Blue Links!

BoomTown liveblogged Yahoo’s “chalk talk” about search earlier today, which was an update of what the Internet giant is up to in the competitive space that includes Google and Microsoft. Presenting at the event were Prabhakar Raghavan, head of Yahoo Labs and Yahoo Search Strategy; Larry Cornett, VP of Consumer Products; and Marc Davis, chief scientist of Yahoo Mobile. In summary: Kill the blue links! Intent! Objects! Open! Mobile! And, most of all, WOO!

Yahoo Execs "Open" Up to BoomTown Video in a Blabfest!

Yesterday, Yahoo trotted out a range of top execs who were unusually loquacious at its “open house,” where the company made a valiant effort to explain an aggressive strategy to open up its platform and products. So here are video interviews I did with a range of Yahoo’s top execs, including Audience Product Division EVP Ash Patel, Yahoo Media Group head Scott Moore, social media guru Marc Davis, Yahoo! Mail kingpin Scott Dietzen,, Connected Life EVP Marco Boerries and PR minion Brad Williams.

Yahoo Opens Itself Up Tomorrow–Literally

Yahoo–because it has decided its living-inside-a-cave press strategy has been, shall we say, a bust–has invited a passel of media tomorrow to its Santa Clara, Calif., HQ and will trot out a range of its top execs to talk specifically about the various facets of its “open” strategy. In an attempt to redefine and refocus itself, Yahoo has correctly wed itself to the trend toward more open platforms, rather than locking consumers into its once tightly closed portal gates.