Qualcomm Makes It Official, Grabs Atheros for $3.1 Billion

The wireless chipmaker clocks in with the first major tech deal of the year. Atheros shareholders are happy today.

Why Qualcomm Is Interested in Atheros [Updated]

What does Qualcomm see in a potential acquisition of Atheros? A way into wireless chip markets it has had trouble penetrating.


Atheros Q1 Forecast in Line, Stock Jumps Five Percent

Good chip company, bad chip company: While SanDisk shares plummet 14 percent following a much-worse-than-expected Q1 outlook, Atheros Communications is up nearly five percent in after-hours trading at $12.68. During a conference call with analysts following a better-than-expected fourth-quarter report, wireless chip maker Atheros forecast Q1 sales to fall 12 to 18 percent, which would be a range of $80.61 million to $86.5 million.

Qualcomm Taps Steve Mollenkopf, Rumored as Microsoft Successor, as Its Next CEO

The move comes a day after a news report said he was in the running to be the next Microsoft CEO.

Qualcomm Announces Faster Snapdragon 805 Mobile Chip, Aims to Make the Home Router Smarter

Qualcomm hopes the new IPQ chip will mark the same kind of shift in the home router market that the smartphone did for the cellular market.

Web Security Start-Up CloudFlare Lands $20 Million Funding Round

CloudFlare, the Web security start-up made famous by the infamous LulzSec hackers, is adding 1,000 new customers a day. Clearly, it’s onto something, and the venture capitalists at New Enterprise Associates have taken note.

HP’s TouchPad Teardown: Its Deepest Secrets Revealed

The release of Hewlett-Packard’s TouchPad tablet — its answer to Apple’s iPad — may not have brought out many consumers lining up to buy it. But it did bring out the gearheads wanting to take it apart, see what’s going on inside and make an educated guess on what it cost to build.

Samsung’s Chromebook Torn Down, Costs $322 To Make, iSuppli Says

The first Google Chromebooks go on sale Wednesday. Research firm IHS iSuppli has taken apart Samsung’s model and learned some interesting things about how they’re made, and what they’ll cost, and what happens when PC makers build machines without Windows in mind.

The Nintendo 3DS Appears Pretty Profitable, Judging by the Teardown

The latest Nintendo handheld gaming machine hit the market in North America and Europe this weekend. As usual, research firm IHS iSuppli rushed to tear it apart and look inside. What they found was a device that looks to deliver a tidy profit.

Ever Made a Wi-Fi Device? You Probably Just Got Sued.

Ever heard of Mosaid Technology? No? If you’re in the business of selling anything with a Wi-Fi connection, you either got sued today or are going to get sued eventually over patents claimed by this Canadian chip designer.

Open Handset Alliance: 47 Members. 1 Phone.

You wouldn’t know it from the number of Android handsets on the market, but support for Google’s new mobile operating system is growing. This morning, Open Handset Alliance, a coterie of tech companies dedicated to promoting the OS, added 14 new partners to its roster.