That Giant Bitcoin Crash in the Wake of China Restrictions? It Never Happened.

The digital currency shows some resiliency.

The Longish Goodbye: Highlights From AllThingsD Staffers Johnson, Del Rey and Cha

I don’t know why you say hello, we say goodbye.

AllThingsD Week in Review: WhatsApp vs. Bullshit Metrics and Apple’s Tearjerker Ad

The Top 10 stories that powered AllThingsD this week, in one convenient post.

China Bitcoin Exchange CEO: We’re Not Giving Up Yet

“We got venture capital funding for a reason,” BTC China CEO Bobby Lee said. “To safeguard for this rainy day.”

If China Wanted to Ban Bitcoin, It Would Ban Bitcoin

The Chinese government likely just wants to tap the brakes on a phenomenon that caught it off guard.

AllThingsD Week in Review: Nokia’s Android Phone, Bitcoin Funding and Facebook the Newspaper

The Top 10 stories that powered AllThingsD this week, in one convenient post.
Facebook News Feed Event

Bitcoin’s Biggest Bet: Andreessen Horowitz Leads $25 Million Investment in Coinbase

Get ready for a lot more venture capital flowing into bitcoin-related startups, starting … now!
Coinbase co-founders Brian Armstrong (l) and Fred Ehrsam, sporting we-got-money grins.

Balaji Srinivasan Joins Andreessen Horowitz as General Partner

Srinivasan thinks that online communities will physically migrate to be near each other.

My Bitcoin Bummer — World’s Virtual Currency Plummets in Price (Again)

My one bitcoin is less pretty than it was last week.
sad panda

The $99 Kid’s Computer Kit Kano Is About to Hit $1M on Kickstarter

With nearly $1 million from Kickstarter and nearly $1 million from backers including Index Ventures, Kano is set to make cheap computer kits for kids.
07 Kano Components + Box

Bitcoin, Schmitcoin — Tech Stocks Also on a Frothy Run

Up, up, and away.


Should You Invest in Bitcoin?

Is it just the latest in a long line of speculative manias, or could it have staying power?

Some Flight Attendant Just Paid Richard Branson 350 Bitcoins to Become an Astronaut

You, too, can now use the virtual currency to fly into space.
richard branson


Authorities See Worth of Bitcoin

Senior U.S. law-enforcement and regulatory officials said they see benefits in digital forms of money and are making progress in tackling its risks. The price of bitcoin, the most common virtual currency, soared to a record following the comments.

News Byte

Amid Bitcoin Price Volatility, Bitcoin Exchange itBit Launches With Backing From Canaan and RRE

A new bitcoin exchange called itBit is launching today, and is announcing a $3.25 million investment from Canaan Partners, RRE Ventures and Liberty City Ventures. The company is based in Singapore and its target customer base is comprised of institutional investors as well as individual investors who don’t live in the U.S.

Quote: Full Circle

In 10 years I think we’ll look back and say we can’t believe we lived in a world with enormous transaction fees and all these security risks. That we couldn’t digitally send money to anyone anywhere in the world.

– Brightcove co-founder and former CEO Jeremy Allaire, on Circle, his bitcoin payment platform for merchants

Silk Road Bust Raises Profile of So-Called “Dark Web”

That it exists is interesting. What you find on it isn’t.


For Virtual Prospectors, Life in the Bitcoin Mines Gets Real

Temperatures and electric bills rise as enthusiasts hunt for Web currency.

What’s a Bitcoin Really Worth? CoinDesk Thinks It Has the Answer.

A move to limit distortion in calculating the value of the digital currency.

News Byte

New York State Considering New Regulatory Guidelines for Bitcoin

The superintendent of New York State’s Department of Financial Services said on Monday that his department has “launched an inquiry into the appropriate regulatory guidelines that it should put in place for virtual currencies,” the most prominent of which is bitcoin. The superintendent, Benjamin M. Lawsky, said that preliminary inquiries have found that there are virtual currency businesses acting as money transmitters, but without the proper safeguards in place. Beyond looking to make sure that these businesses abide by existing guidelines, Lawsky said his agency is also considering new guidelines specific to virtual currencies.

I’m So Over Oversharing: On Making Our Digital Lives More Real

The next generation of sharing apps could bring a bit more authenticity than the last. We can only hope.

For Bitcoin VCs, There’s No Sexier Word Than “Compliance”

Want funding? Get ready for some red tape.


Winklevoss Twins Launch IPO for Bitcoin-Tracking Stock

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, twins known for battling Mark Zuckerberg over ownership of Facebook Inc., have filed for an initial public offering designed to allow investors to track the performance of digital currency bitcoin.


Largest Bitcoin Exchange Halts U.S. Dollar Withdrawals

Mt. Gox, the world’s largest bitcoin trading exchange, said it has halted withdrawals of customer funds in U.S. dollars as it makes systems improvements.

Back to the Cryptocurrency Mine

I think you have to pay attention to the fact that a lot of the best entrepreneurs right now are thinking about bitcoin. Regardless of what we [as VCs] think, it’s where a lot of smart people are gravitating.

Chris Dixon, talking to Connie Loizos of PEHub about his first six months as a VC