Cisco Catches Flash Madness With Whiptail Acquisition

Another day, another flash deal.

Why Are Fusion-io Shares Up So Much Today? Flash Madness, Naturally.

A new Facebook data center, plus other stuff.

Fusion-io’s Flash Madness Slows Down as Apple and Facebook Trim Orders

Slowing down in a flash.

Seagate Catches Flash Madness With $40 Million Virident Investment

The hard drive maker also reports better-than-expected earnings.

As IBM Joins Flash Madness Club, Deal Chatter Turns to Fusion-io

Who will buy Fusion-io? No one, probably; at least not yet.

NetApp Catches “Flash Madness” in Mysterious Partnership With Fusion-io

They’ve teamed up. But that’s about all they’ll say.

EMC Joins the Flash Madness Club by Acquiring Israel’s XtremIO

EMC’s latest acquisition is a would-be rival to Violin Memory and Pure Storage. Also: Watch Fusion-IO shares today.

Fusion-io Brings Flash Madness to Workstations and Movies Like “Hugo”

Long focused primarily on servers, Fusion-io is now going after professional workstations, like the ones used by visual effects artists.

Fusion-io Shares Whacked, but the Flash Madness Club Has a New Member

Fusion-io investors freak out over tighter margins. But never mind that. Fusion has a new customer:

Apple Joins the Flash Madness Club With Anobit Deal

Flash memory has some troubles that an Israeli company call Anobit appears to know how to solve. Apple is the world’s biggest consumer of flash memory, so naturally it appears to have consumed Anobit.

Shares of “Flash Madness Club” Founder Fusion-io Speed Up

Shares in Fusion-io surged by more than 9 percent today. Shares have doubled since its debut five months ago, but it hasn’t been the smoothest ride.

Meet Qwilt, Creator of Smart Video-Caching Gear, and New Member of the Flash Madness Club

Coming out of stealth today with $24 million from Redpoint Ventures, Accel and other investors, Qwilt stores copies of the videos that are popular in your neighborhood to help make the network run faster. And? It uses flash memory to do it! Flash Madness continues.

Flash Madness Part 3: Pure Storage Comes Out of Stealth

The summer that flash memory began to transform the data center continues as Pure Storage unleashes an all-flash storage array.

More Flash Madness: Violin Memory Is Bulking Up Its Team

Violin Memory adds Jonathan Goldick as its CTO for software, and hires a new VP away from Hewlett-Packard. Will the flash madness never end?

Flash Madness Continues: Fusion-io Prices at $19 A Share

Fusion-io, the Utah-based startup that uses flash memory to make ordinary servers run faster just priced for its debut of trading at $19 a share, pushing its opening valuation close to $1.5 billion.

Flash Madness: Fusion-io IPOs Thursday, but First Violin Raises $40M

The race by flash memory start-ups to push the technology into the data center has just begun. One, Fusion-io, goes public Thursday. Another, Violin Memory, just raised $40 million in new funding and and may also IPO this year.

Fusion-io Rises on Speculation It Might Be the Next Flash Company to Sell Out

After two big flash acquisitions, will Fusion be next?

EMC Boosts Its Flash Cred With ScaleIO Buy

Software for increasingly flashy data centers.

With Help From Fusion-io, Facebook’s Data Centers Are Going All Flash

We don’t need no stinking hard drives.

Fusion-io Looks Ahead, Sees Streets Paved With Golden Flash Chips

Flash memory is going everywhere. Naturally, Fusion-io’s stock is going up.

Flash Start-Up Violin Poaches VP From VMware

Flash Madness Club member Violin Memory has tapped Narayan Venkat as its VP of product management.

News Byte

Flash Storage Player Fusion-io Kicks It Up a Notch With New Drive

Fusion-io, the company that went public during the summer of flash madness said today it has built a new version of its ioDrive hardware that runs substantially faster than the original. Designed to sit between conventional hard drives and the processor in a computer in order to speed up high-performance computing environments, the company says the ioDrive2 is twice as fast as the original.

Fusion-io Brings Speedy Flash to Virtual Machines

Fusion-io brings the summer of “flash madness” to virtualized computing environments, and thus to the cloud.

CBS: No Web Ad Recession for March Madness

Here’s a pleasant, rare bit of media news sunshine: CBS says advertisers are still lining up to get into its March Madness Webcast. The company expects to generate $30 million in Web ads from the college tournament this year, up 30 percent from 2008.

A March Madness Win for Microsoft: CBS Taps Silverlight

Do you love college basketball but hate Microsoft? Then CBS has a tough choice in store for you next month. That’s because the network will be delivering its March Madness coverage using Redmond’s Silverlight streaming media technology, which for some reason stirs apoplectic emotions among a subset of tech zealots.