BlackBerry Reports Massive $4.4 Billion Quarterly Loss, Inks a Deal With Foxconn

Still looking for a turnaround.


iPhone 5S Wait Time Drops as Foxconn Boosts Production

The waiting time for iPhone 5Ss has shortened significantly as major assembler Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. has been running its factories round the clock, adding more workers to its production lines.


Foxconn Says 11 Injured in Large-Scale Fight at Chinese Campus

Foxconn Technology Co. said a large fight that broke out last week at one of its campuses injured 11 people, the latest in a series of confrontations among the company’s workers that follows a summer of heightened unrest at Chinese factories.

Foxconn’s Firefox OS Hiring Spree

Foxconn is looking for up to 3,000 HTML 5-savvy software engineers to help with its Firefox OS efforts.


Apple Shifts Supply Chain Away From Foxconn to Pegatron

For years, nearly all of the world’s iPhones and iPads rolled off the assembly lines of a single company: Foxconn.


Foxconn Steps Up Hiring as Apple Readies New iPhone

Foxconn Technology Group has resumed hiring assembly-line workers in China after a postholiday freeze, in the latest sign that major customer Apple Inc. is gearing up for production of the new iPhone.

Foxconn Flop Fuels iPhone Fears

Biggest revenue decline in over a decade.


Foxconn Gets Boost From Apple’s Sales

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. said its net profit rose 16 percent in 2012 from the previous year, as the Taiwan-based assembler of Apple Inc. products saw its revenue increase as the U.S. company’s sales grew.


Foxconn Workers Say, “Keep Our Overtime”

Nets to catch would-be jumpers still sag ominously from Hon Hai Precision Industry Co.’s buildings. But two years after a spate of suicides at the Apple Inc. supplier’s campus in Shenzhen, workers are more concerned about another measure designed to protect them: Limits on overtime.


Foxconn Faces Challenges in Boosting Automation

Apple Inc. supplier Hon Hai Precision Co. has declared plans to install robotic arms at its factories dotted across China to boost efficiency and address labor unrest. But its bid to automate swaths of the production process in the coming decade is facing major obstacles, including high costs and rapid changes in technology.


Foxconn Confirms Two Disputes Between Employees

But the manufacturer disputes reports of a strike among iPhone 5 assemblers.

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Foxconn Closes China Plant in Response to Worker Riot

Foxconn Technology Group has closed its Taiyuan plant in response to a riot among its workforce, according to a report from the New York Times. Foxconn, one of the leading suppliers of electronics components to the world’s largest technology companies — including Apple Inc. — told the Times that a number of people were hospitalized as a result of the riot; he declined to say whether the Taiyuan plant was responsible for any part of the iPhone 5 production process. A Foxconn spokesman did not immediately return an AllThingsD request for comment.

Foxconn Chief Says Apple Will Share Cost of Improving Factory Conditions

Another step forward in Apple’s effort to improve working conditions at factories in which devices like the iPhone and iPad are built.

Fair Labor Association Wins Some OT Relief for Apple’s Foxconn Workers

The FLA finds some violations, but wins some concessions.

News Byte

“This American Life” Retracts Critical Apple-Foxconn Report

Producers of the public radio program “This American Life” said today that they were retracting an earlier report critical of working conditions in the Chinese plants of Apple supplier Foxconn because it contained “significant fabrications” by narrator Mike Daisey. In a program scheduled to air Sunday, host Ira Glass will talk with Daisey about “why he misled ‘This American Life’ during the fact-checking process,” and will conclude by “separating fact from fiction, when it comes to Apple’s manufacturing practices in China.” Daisey defended his work, saying, “My show is a theatrical piece. … What I do is not journalism.”

Inside Foxconn: Little Evidence of Abuse, but Workers Sure Want a Raise

Tell us something we didn’t already know, “Nightline.”
abc nightline apple foxconn

ABC’s Apple Foxconn Factory Tour, Teased (Video)

Apple pulls back the curtain on its Chinese contractor.
abc nightline apple foxconn

Apple Orders Foxconn Labor Inspections

Apple has asked the Fair Labor Association to audit its overseas manufacturing partners.

Jon Stewart and Siri Debate Foxconn

“The Daily Show” reminds viewers who makes their iPhones and Xboxes.
jon stewart siri foxconn

Foxconn Doubling Down on Zhengzhou iPhone Plant

From 200,000 iPhones per day to many, many more.

Foxconn’s Terry Gou: “The Robots Are Coming”

The head of Foxconn says he plans to beef up the number of manufacturing robots on the production lines, from 10,000 now to one million within three years. That can’t help but have unexpected effects.

Foxconn Blames Dust for Chengdu Explosion, Says New Policies in Place

Foxconn says it has undergone a “total revamping” of its policies regarding managing the volatile dust that it believes caused the May 20 explosion at its Chengdu, China facility.

Foxconn’s iPad Plant Reopens

Foxconn’s plant in Chengdu, China, has resumed operations following an explosion that killed three employees last month.

Foxconn Blast Could Cost Apple a Half Million iPads

Evidently there’s some disagreement over the impact the Foxconn explosion might have on iPad production, with iSuppli emerging as the naysayer to those who claim everything’s just fine.

IPad Ship Times Hold Steady Following Foxconn Tragedy

The deadly explosion at a Foxconn plant in Chengdu, China, last Friday will certainly have some effect on Apple’s iPad supply chain, but not much.