How to Escape the Dark Valley of Your Hadoop Journey

If the project mantra is “stand up, rinse and repeat,” it’s the “repeat” part that proves challenging.

Mortar Data, Hadoop for the Rest of Us, Gets Seed Funding

A new player in the Hadoop Big Data ecosystem aims to make the software more readily usable by programmers.

Hadoop Start-Up Cloudera Teams Up With Storage Player NetApp

Cloudera, the company best known for building a business around the open source big-data platform Hadoop, has teamed up with storage concern NetApp.

Exclusive: Hadoop Companies Multiply as MapR Lands $20M in Funding

When there are big data jobs to be done, chances are a version of the open source data analysis platform Hadoop is involved. MapR is the latest company to try to make a profit helping other companies get the most out of it.

Everyone Loves Hadoop, So Cloudera Makes It Easier to Manage

Name a Web company of any size doing anything reasonably complex with data, and chances are it’s using the open source software Hadoop. Cloudera, a start-up that aims to build a business around helping companies that run Hadoop, has some new stuff today.

Big-Data Start-Up Cloudera Kicks Hadoop Up a Notch

If you know anything about the open source data processing engine Hadoop, then you probably know a thing or two about Cloudera, the company that wants to make money helping big companies use Hadoop. Today, Cloudera is launching its own version of Hadoop with eight open-source tools bundled with it to make it useful to companies right out of the box.

General Catalyst Raises $675M Seventh Fund

The venture capital firm General Catalyst Partners has raised $675 million for its seventh fund to invest in startups.

Greylock Leads $12 Million Round for Big-Data Startup Trifacta

If Big Data is going to be really big, it also has to be useful.

EMC’s Pivotal Wants to Help Your Company Build Its Software

Pretty much every company of any size has to build some kind of software. EMC’s Pivotal would like to help you do it.

Big Data App Engine Continuuity Names WebLogic Founder as Director

Big Data is hard. Building big-data apps in Java? That’s easy.

Think Big Data Is All Hype? You’re Not Alone.

Maybe not so big?

Accel Launches Second $100 Million Big Data Fund

Delivering on the Big Data promise.


A Contrarian Futurist

Remember when we used to spend our days looking down at those little screens?


Analytics Is Not a Strategy

The key is not to blindly apply the strategies that have been made famous through popular books and movies.

Actian to Acquire Big-Data Startup ParAccel

Actian rolls up its third acquisition in five months.

Seven Questions for Workday CEO and Greylock Partner Aneel Bhusri

Catching up with one of Silicon Valley’s busiest people.
Aneel Bhusri

Elissa Murphy, One of Yahoo’s High-Profile Tech Execs, Heads to Go Daddy as CTO (Memo Time!)

It’s the second talent raid by former Yahoo product head Blake Irving, who is now CEO at the domain giant.

MapR Lands $30 Million Series C Led by Mayfield Fund

That brings the Hadoop vendor’s total funding raised to $59 million.

Has Big Data Reached Its Moment of Disillusionment?

Big Data is hard.


Beyond Marketing Clouds — The Age of Machine Learning

Big data is too big for humans to work with.


A New Storage Paradigm for Big Data

That terabyte per day per oilfield of 3D seismic data being collected today might turn into the next decade’s oil find

Exclusive: Cloudera Closes Massive $65 Million Funding Round at $700 Million Valuation

This Hadoop thing? It just might just be going places.

Mayer Brings Back Ex-Yahoo Rossiter to Lead Platforms (Memo Time!)

Apparently, everything old is new again.