Think Big Data Is All Hype? You’re Not Alone.

Maybe not so big?

MapR Lands $30 Million Series C Led by Mayfield Fund

That brings the Hadoop vendor’s total funding raised to $59 million.

Has Big Data Reached Its Moment of Disillusionment?

Big Data is hard.

Mortar Data, Hadoop for the Rest of Us, Gets Seed Funding

A new player in the Hadoop Big Data ecosystem aims to make the software more readily usable by programmers.

Hadoop Start-Up Cloudera Teams Up With Storage Player NetApp

Cloudera, the company best known for building a business around the open source big-data platform Hadoop, has teamed up with storage concern NetApp.

Former Salesforce CTO Craig Weissman Joins Benchmark Capital

The “data guy” who helped build wants to build his own company.

Exclusive: Hadoop Companies Multiply as MapR Lands $20M in Funding

When there are big data jobs to be done, chances are a version of the open source data analysis platform Hadoop is involved. MapR is the latest company to try to make a profit helping other companies get the most out of it.

Everyone Loves Hadoop, So Cloudera Makes It Easier to Manage

Name a Web company of any size doing anything reasonably complex with data, and chances are it’s using the open source software Hadoop. Cloudera, a start-up that aims to build a business around helping companies that run Hadoop, has some new stuff today.