U.K. Arrests Two More Suspected Members of LulzSec

Police in the U.K. make the second pair of arrests in as many days in their ongoing investigation into the activities of the LulzSec and Anonymous hacker gangs.

U.K. Police Say This Is the Face of LulzSec Hacker Known as Topiary

The 18-year-old resident of the Shetland Islands has been granted bail and is scheduled to appear in a U.K. court on Aug. 30.

LulzSec Hackers Protest PayPal, as One of Them Is Arrested in U.K.

LulzSec and Anonymous encourage people to dump their PayPal accounts. Meanwhile, a member is arrested by Scotland Yard.

Laughs Just Keep on Coming — LulzSec’s Final Release Contained Malware

Nestled within its final document release was a big folder full of malware — trojans and worms and all sorts of nasty things. Also, LulzSec isn’t gone. Members just teamed up formally with Anonymous.

Despite All the Attention, LulzSec Hackers Failed

Now that it has disbanded, what to make of the legacy of the infamous hacking group LulzSec? Its primary skill seemed to be for self-promotion more than anything else.

At the Height of Their Infamy, LulzSec Hackers Call It Quits

On its 50th day of activity, the hacking group LulzSec calls it quits, but not before dropping one more collection of hacker booty. Why quit now? Probably because the heat is on.

Arizona Confirms LulzSec Docs Are Authentic, Worries About Officer Safety

The documents dumped to BitTorrent by LulzSec contain the names and home addresses of eight Arizona State cops. Officials there are worried that the release endangers the safety of its officers.

LulzSec Goes All Wikileaks on Arizona State Cops

LulzSec dumps a load of documents belonging to the Arizona Department of Public Safety. Apparently they don’t like a controversial immigration law there. Also, the group has yet another rival gang that aims to bring them down.

LulzSec Shrugs After Scotland Yard Nabs Hacking Suspect (Updated)

Scotland Yard’s arrest of a 19-year old on computer crime charges has some wondering if the infamous LulzSec hacking troupe — which has attacked entities as varied as Sony, Nintendo and the CIA — is about to be broken. The group itself doesn’t sound worried. Update: Now LulzSec has acknowledged a tie to the person arrested.

LulzSec And Anonymous Team Up to Hack Governments and Banks

If you had been wondering if the strange world of the LulzSec hacking troupe could get any stranger after its numerous flagrant attacks against gaming companies and government agencies, it did just that over the weekend.

Viral Video: LulzSec Gets Taiwanesed

When its computers get hacked, this time Next Media Animation might regret going too far — it always goes too far, by the way — in this CGI news animation of the tech-raiding gang, LulzSec.

CIA Web Site Goes Down; LulzSec Takes Credit

Extended its “lulz” to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, the LulzSec group appears to have hobbled the agency’s Web site with a denial of service attack.

LulzSec Blasts Space Game Eve Online, Other Gaming Sites

The LulzSec hacking group, a day after posting files pilfered from gaming company Bethesda Softworks and the U.S. Senate, turned its attention to Eve Online and other gaming sites today with a denial-of-service attack. No hilarity ensued.

LulzSec Strikes Again, Hits Bethesda Softworks And U.S. Senate

Making good on a threat made earlier in the day, LulzSec released a file taken from a gaming company — notably minus the user names and passwords of its customers. It also showed some evidence that it had penetrated Web servers belonging to the U.S. Senate.

Web Security Start-Up Cloudflare Gets Buzz, Courtesy of LulzSec Hackers

If it’s true that there’s really no such thing as bad publicity, Cloudflare, a Web security startup, is proving it by having been selected by the LulzSec troupe of hackers to help protect its Web site. As product endorsements go, it’s an odd one, but the outfit is seeing a spike in sign-ups from the buzz.

No LulzSec Hackers Have Been Arrested–At Least Not Yet

Who says? Why, LulzSec does, of course. But so does the FBI, which says it has no information about the arrest claimed on a security mailing list this morning.

LulzSec Posts More Sony Data, Amid Claim One of Them Is Arrested

The hacker group posts source code taken from — you guess it — another Sony site. Meanwhile there’s a claim — as yet unconfirmed — that a member of the group is in FBI custody.

News Byte

LulzSec Strikes Again, Claims Attack On Nintendo Server

Nintendo said Sunday that a server for its U.S. unit’s Web site had been hacked into but that no company or customer information was compromised, marking the first time the Japanese gaming giant has been targeted in widespread global hacking attacks. The hacker group LulzSec, which has recently been harassing Sony, on Friday posted a file it said was taken from one of Nintendo’s servers.

Red-Faced Blue Toad Says It’s the Source of Leaked Apple UDIDs

A Florida publishing firm says those iOS device IDs that hacker group AntiSec claimed to have stolen from the FBI were actually swiped from its servers.

Apple: We Didn’t Give FBI Any Device IDs

The company says that if the FBI has iPhone and iPad UDIDs — as claimed by a hacker group and denied by the agency — it didn’t get them from Apple.

FBI Says AntiSec Hackers Lied About List of iPhone ID Numbers

Hackers lying? Who would have thunk it?

Hackers Claim FBI Has List of 12 Million iPhone and iPad ID Numbers

If the claim by AntiSec bears out, the next question then becomes, what is the FBI doing with this information?

Not Lulzing Anymore: Five Hackers Charged in U.S., U.K. and Ireland

Five people on two continents are charged as being members of the LulzSec hacking troupe that caused so much mayhem last summer. They are alleged to have been turned in by one of their own.

Anonymous Fails, Once Again, to Make Its Point

Big as they were, the attacks carried out in revenge for the Megaupload arrests accomplished nothing significant.

How Scary Was the Internet in 2011?

How scary was the Internet in 2011? It depends on what you consider scary. News of attacks, some silly, some downright chilling, created uneasiness all year.