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Robot Ball Sphero Ready for Developers to Give It a Spin

The company behind the Sphero robot ball said it is now ready for outside developers to start creating apps for the device. Orbotix said on Monday that it is releasing the developer tools and several apps it has created, in addition to shipping the first orders for the delayed Sphero.

Viral Video: Rat Fingers, TouchFire and Sphero Demos

Here’s a demo of some cool and quirky gadgets for the holiday season.

Sphero, the iPhone-Controlled Robot Ball, Hits a Bump

Only a handful of the $130 toys will make it next to menorahs or under a Christmas tree, with most orders pushed back until January.

Robotic Ball Sphero Gets a New Look Ahead of Launch

The futuristic sphere, which can be controlled by an iPhone or Android device, now sports a semi-opaque white look and can be reenergized using an inductive charger.
Sphero with phones

Orbotix Teaches Its Smartphone-Controlled Ball Some New Tricks

Version 2.0 of the Sphero is faster and more colorful, and can tackle new terrain, such as ice and mud.
Sphero 2.0 on salt

LeWeb’s “Internet of Things” Makes for a Shopping List Full of Smart Gadgets

It’s an expensive group of stocking stuffers, to be sure.

Viral Video: Walt Mossberg Demos Tangle-Resistant Ear Buds, an iPhone Beer Meter and More!

Drink up and measure your debauchery at the same time!

Reporter’s Notebook: It’s Robots Galore at Google I/O

Although Google’s business is making software and online services, one could hardly tell that from the halls of its Google I/O conference this week, which was overrun with robots of all shapes and sizes.

Phone-Controlled Robot Ball Set to Roll Around CES

There will be a lot of quirky gadgets rolling through Las Vegas as the Consumer Electronics Show this week in addition to all the big-time announcements such as new phones, TVs and tablets. Among those to keep an eye out for is a little robotic ball from Orbotix, a seven-person start-up from Boulder, Colo.