Open webOS Won’t Support TouchPad, Pre3, Veer


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HP’s Discontinued TouchPad Sells Out … Again

It’s been called the tablet that just won’t die: After refurbished Hewlett-Packard TouchPads became available for a discount on, the 16 gigabyte model — which was being sold for $169.99 — is apparently sold out again, The Verge writes. Earlier this week, HP published a road map for open source development on webOS, the mobile operating system behind the TouchPad, six weeks after the company first said it was opening up the OS to the developer community.

Has the HP TouchPad Lost Its Resale Luster?

Once a hot resale item following its fast demise, the HP TouchPad isn’t flying off virtual shelves anymore.

HP’s TouchPad: The Tablet That Refused to Die

A new deal bundling HP’s TouchPad tablet with its PCs is probably the device’s last hurrah. For real this time.

HP Chairman Ray Lane Talks About PC Business Spinoff, TouchPad’s Last Hurrah

HP chairman says the company’s intention has always been to spin off — not sell — its PC business. Also: The last manufacturing run of the money-losing TouchPad tablet.

TouchPad Encore Will Keep HP’s Suppliers From Getting Touchy

What would you do with a big pile of TouchPad parts and the angry manufacturers that made them?

Walking Dead: HP Builds More TouchPads

Hewlett-Packard may have killed the TouchPad, but it’s going to continue manufacturing it for just a little while longer.


TouchPad, This Was Your Life

Here is the latest comic from our Joy of Tech friends at Geek Culture, Nitrozac and Snaggy. Joy of Tech appears three times a week in the Voices section of this site. (Click on the image to see a bigger version.)

How Much Did HP Lose on the TouchPad? Here’s a Good Guess.

Depending on how many TouchPads HP ordered, it may have lost between $140 million and $300 million on hardware alone.

Best Buy Will Sell You HP’s TouchPad at Your Own Risk

Best Buy has resumed sales of the HP TouchPad after getting the message that consumers believe the price is right — even if the tablet has been discontinued and the future of its operating system is uncertain.

Early Adopters Peeved as Others Race to Buy the TouchPad at Bargain Prices

Bargain hunters moved quickly this morning to purchase hundreds of orphaned TouchPads that are nearing rock-bottom prices, following this week’s announcement that HP would no longer make devices based on WebOS.

Viral Video: Like Palm’s Creepy Naked Lady, TouchPad’s Floating Celeb Heads Get the HP Boot

Say goodbye to the weird (but kind of cool) TouchPad ads featuring the tablet faces of comedian Russell Brand and “Glee” diva Lea Michele.

HP Makes $100 TouchPad Price Cut Permanent

After trying out various temporary discounts, HP has decided to permanently shave $100 from the price of its webOS-based tablet.
HP touchpad launch art

HP TouchPad 4G Hits Amazon

Last week saw Hewlett-Packard offering a number of rebates and discounts on its first generation TouchPad. Now we know why.
HP TouchPad

HP’s TouchPad Continues Its Bargain Basement Tour, Making a Stop as Woot’s Deal of the Day

Already seeing steep discounts, the webOS tablet shows up on a deal site better known for showcasing last year’s models. So what does that say about the month-old TouchPad?

HP’s TouchPad Discounts Getting Even Deeper

With television promotions and instant rebates at Costco, HP’s TouchPad can now be had for $100 or more off its initial price, just weeks after the tablets hit store shelves.
HP TouchPad Costco

Aiming to Address TouchPad Shortcomings, HP Updates Software While Cutting Prices

The computer maker issues its first software update for the tablet and is also running an instant rebate promotion on its Web site, chopping $50 off the price just weeks after it hit the market.
HP touchpad price cut

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Packing a Faster Chip, the First 4G-equipped HP TouchPad Is Heading to AT&T

AT&T said on Tuesday that the carrier will have the exclusive on the first HP TouchPad tablet with built-in wireless. The HP TouchPad 4G will feature a faster 1.5GHz processor than the Wi-Fi only model that went on sale earlier this month and have 32GB of built-in memory when it arrives “in time for back to school.” Pricing and a specific launch date were not announced.

What the TouchPad Launch Says About HP’s webOS Ambitions

The launch of the TouchPad isn’t just Hewlett-Packard’s attempt to take on the iPad, but the first step in what the company is hoping will be a strategy to stand out from its PC and phone competitors. However, weak reviews and a paucity of apps show the company has its work cut out for it.
Screen shot 2011-07-05 at 10.20.26 PM

HP’s TouchPad Teardown: Its Deepest Secrets Revealed

The release of Hewlett-Packard’s TouchPad tablet — its answer to Apple’s iPad — may not have brought out many consumers lining up to buy it. But it did bring out the gearheads wanting to take it apart, see what’s going on inside and make an educated guess on what it cost to build.

HP’s Léo Apotheker Talks webOS, TouchPad and More: The Full D9 Interview (Video)

Léo Apotheker got to Hewlett-Packard less than a year ago, but what a year. From a board shake-up to executive shuffles to new strategic directions to layoffs and — oh, yes — a new tablet offering, called TouchPad and based on webOS, he’s been a busy man. Here’s his take, in an onstage interview with Walt Mossberg at the ninth D: All Things Digital conference.

How TouchPad Stacks Up to iPad (Video)

On Thursday, Walt spoke with WSJ digits about his recent HP TouchPad review.
Walt Mossberg on WSJ Digits talking about the H-P TouchPad

TouchPad Needs More Apps, Reboot To Rival iPad

A small army of multitouch tablet computers has been launched this year to take on Apple’s iPad. The TouchPad from H-P is the latest one to enter the fray.
HP TouchPad

Is HP’s TouchPad Too Pricey?

Hewlett-Packard’s TouchPad won’t ship until July first — a year to the day that HP closed its acquisition of Palm — but the naysayers are already lining up to voice their skepticism. To them, the device is too little, too late and too expensive to boot.

It’s TouchPad vs. iPad On July 1

Hewlett-Packard’s finally given the TouchPad a hard launch date and a price.