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The NeatConnect Scanner Is a Cloud-Connected Guilty Pleasure

A hassle-free scanner that’s easy to set up and does most of what it promises to do. But there’s a catch: It costs $500.

Nokia Lumia 2520: A Solid Windows Tablet in Need of Apps

Nokia’s first tablet is smooth in looks and performance, but it’s held back by a dearth of apps.

Latest Asus Hybrid Blends Power, Stamina for Bargain Price

The Asus Transformer Book T100 doesn’t look that much different from other Windows PC convertibles, but there are several reasons why it stands out.

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Google Glass Adds Name That Tune and Annotated Screenshots

Google Glass just got some handy hands-free features. Today, the face computer added a Shazam-like function to look up whatever music is currently playing — “long press on the touchpad, swipe forward and whoomp (there it is),” says the blog post — a way to snap a “vignette” screenshot that shows both what the Google Glass camera sees and what’s showing on the screen at that time, and YouTube videos in search.

HP SlateBook x2: Two Devices in One, Master of None

The Android-based HP SlateBook x2 hybrid gets some things right, but it’s no laptop-tablet replacement.

How to Control a PC in Thin Air

The Leap Motion Controller connects to PCs via a USB port to let users control their machines with gestures in the air.

Ouya Is a Compact Bundle of Fun, but Not a Be-All Game Console

For $100, Ouya gives indie game fans an inexpensive console option. But at launch, Ouya lacks oomph and comes with glitches.
Ouya 1

Sony’s Vaio Pro 13 Takes on MacBook Air, and Mostly Delivers

The Sony Vaio Pro 13 is a great Ultrabook for Windows users, but overall, the MacBook Air is better.

Acer Aspire R7’s Bold Design Backfires

The Acer Aspire R7 Windows 8 laptop can be used in four different ways, but the keyboard-touchpad switcheroo makes it an ergonomic nightmare.

Fanhattan Debuts Pint-Size Fan TV Set-Top Box to Simplify the Living Room (Video)

Video discovery service Fanhattan is getting into the set-top business.
Fan TV2

Jon Rubinstein Joins Board of Qualcomm, as Mobile Chipmaker Ups Its Silicon Valley Cred

The longtime mobile exec is a high-profile appointment.

Google Has Been Working on Watch and Glass in Tandem, Patents Show

If Google Glass freaks too many people out, the company likely has a Plan B close behind.

Hands-On With Ouya, the Tiny Gaming Console With Big Aspirations

The Android-based Ouya gaming console will be available this June. Can it take on the likes of Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony?

Read the Letter Launching the Campaign to Unseat Three HP Directors

Demands include cutting ties with Ernst & Young.

webOS Finds New Life Yet Again, This Time in LG Televisions

LG plans to use the software in its smart TVs, but apparently has no interest in using it for phones or tablets.

Surprise! HP’s New Slate 7 Tablet Runs on Android.

HP newest tablet is not a Windows device.
HP Slate 7 Front-Side

Google-Built Chromebook Pixel Takes On the Power User

Google branches out on its own with the Chromebook Pixel.

Why Google Made Its Own High-End Laptop, the Chromebook Pixel

The Pixel has a touchscreen, high-density display, elegant design and lives on the Web. But it’s also a first-gen product.

Sony Announces New PlayStation 4 Console (But Doesn’t Show the Console)

What a console-tease.
An image from Killzone Shadow Fall, one of the new games exclusive to PS4.

Hewlett-Packard’s Todd Bradley Talks Tablets in the Enterprise (Video)

The next battlefield for tablets is in the Enterprise. Really?

Two Budget-Friendly Printers You Won’t Want to Throw Out the Window

Printers are normally a source of frustration. Here are two that keep it simple but still get the job done.

Ahead of Big Meeting With Analysts, Another “Sell” Rating Appears on HP Shares

With less than a week to go before a key update from HP management, one analyst loses confidence in HP’s turnaround prospects.

HP Previews Windows 8 All-in-One PCs With NFC, Touchscreens

HP adds to its Windows 8 portfolio with four new all-in-one PCs.
HP Spectre One

Vizio’s Laptop Debut Dazzles, Then Fizzles

TV maker Vizio’s entry into the laptop market has a lot of bright spots, but ultimately stumbles.