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Dueling Carls … »

… a “Talking Carl” Scream Fight

The Internet? Bah! »

Hype alert from 1995: Why cyberspace isn’t, and will never be, nirvana.

Vuvuzelas for BP »

BP is not feeling the pain they are causing in the Gulf. BP is spending millions on PR. In order to put a bit of public pressure on them, we plan to buy 100 vuvuzelas and hire 100 vuvuzela players off Craigslist to play in front of BP’s International Headquarters in London for an entire work day.

Conan the Barbarian … »

… The Musical

What, if Anything, Is Big Bird? »

In the storage cabinets of the Berlin Museum of Natural History one summer’s day, I had a revelation–an original scientific insight that I am happy now to share with the world. I realised what kind of bird Big Bird almost certainly is, and figured out something of its evolutionary history.

Star Wars Kid Revisited »

A hand drawn animation

Will It Blend? – iPhone 4 »

Woah! FaceTime smoke. Don’t breathe this.

Best Cease and Desist Letter Ever »

The National Pork Board says ThinkGeek’s (fake) Canned Unicorn Meat infringes its “Pork: The Other White Meat” slogan

Stephen Colbert: Obama’s Simplified BP Oil Spill Speech »

Your talky words make ears mad.

Toy Wire »

A Toy Story, The Wire mashup

Theremin Guitar Hero »

Good luck on “Through the Fire and Flames.”

Steve Jobs Introduces the Death Star »


A Empire Strikes Back Pre-make »

The second Star Wars movie re-made as a 50s-era black and white film

Socrates and Glaucon on the Home Shopping Network »

Now answer me this: would the EZ-Klean Mop ™, given that it has the Dirt-Fighting Technology™ I’ve just described, be able to more effectively rid spaces of dirt or plague?

How to print from your iPad »


CS4 Crash Reports »

Crashed on quit again. I’m confused by this. Why would quitting an app cause a crash so frequently? It would be like if you worked in an office from 9-5 and every day at 4:59 PM you ran around throwing chairs and breaking windows.

Imaginary Conversations with American Apparel Models »

“Whoa, you scared the bejesus out of me. I guess I didn’t hear you come in. How long have you been standing there? Anyway, welcome to Taco Bell. What can I get you?”

House of 1000 Muppets »

Rob Zombie meets Jim Henson

Peter Sellers recites A Hard Days Night … »

… as Shakespeare’s Richard III

One-man Reenactment of the bunker scene from Downfall »


The Guy Who Lost the iPhone Apologizes to His Team »

Worst mistake of my life. I should have never taken the prototype out of its case, or taken the case from the protective cover, or taken the protective cover out of the lockbox. I should have never taken the lockbox out of the safe …

Star Wars Uncut “The Escape” »

Re-making Star Wars in 15 second increments

8-Bit Dark Side of the Moon »

Classic Pink Floyd album arranged for Nintendo

Neill Cameron: A-Z of Awesomeness »

H is for… Hagar the Horrible Hacking Hello Kitty in Half; K is for… Kiss King Kong.

Chaucer Tweets the South By Southwest Festival »

Wat ho, goatee’d man? Thy skinnee jenes hath byrn’d my corneyas.

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First the NSA came for, well, jeez pretty much everybody’s data at this point, and I said nothing because wait how does this joke work

— Parker Higgins via Twitter