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Amazon Enhances Its Virtual Private Cloud

Apotheker Sets Hewlett-Packard on a Cloud-Centric Path

Léo Apotheker: Hewlett-Packard Will Build a Cloud

HP's New CEO Has a Big Day Planned, and a Bigger Job Ahead

Days After Its Release, the IPad 2 Gets the Teardown Treatment

Despite the Quake, Japan's Internet Connections Are Going Strong

Judge Says Feds Can Access WikiLeaks-Related Twitter Accounts

Japan Earthquake Disrupts Wireless Networks, Manufacturing

Another Advisory Firm Singles Out HP Director Babbio

Dell's Number Two In The PC Market Again, Thanks To The iPad

Shareholder Group Contends HP's New Board Is Too Chummy

IBM Shares Surge as Analysts Raise Price Targets

Rackspace Turns Anso Labs Into a Cloud Services Business Unit

Seven Questions About CRM Software With Microsoft's Mike Ehrenberg

A Theme Song for the Cloud Age? (Video)

IBM Builds $38 Million Data Center in Singapore

Skype Updates Its Pre-IPO Numbers, Plans to Sell Display Ads

Seven Questions for Adam Selipsky, VP at Amazon Web Services

IBM Launches Network of 'Spoken Web' Sites In India

Libya Is Once Again The Internet's Black Hole

Video: Marc Benioff Answers His Critics, With A Little Help from Jim Cramer

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There was a worry before I started this that I was going to burn every bridge I had. But I realize now that there are some bridges that are worth burning.

— Valleywag editor Sam Biddle