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YouVisit Brings College Campuses to You

Walk through the ivy-covered buildings — virtually.
YouVisit Stanford2.jpg

Don’t Worry About a Thing

It’s absolutely true that the Internet is getting bigger and bigger and more ubiquitous, it’s going to be in just about every appliance we can think of. The question is, does that mean it’s all going to collapse? I don’t think so. … This is not a static system.

Vint Cerf, answering questions from the audience at TED 2013 after Danny Hillis’s talk, titled “The Internet could crash. We need a Plan B.”

Craving a Samoa? Download the Girl Scout Cookie App and Find the One Nearest to You.

Thin Mints have gone mobile.

Sites Target Helping College Grads With Empty Pockets

A pair of new startups — and — are trying to find ways to profit off the potential success of college grads who need help starting out.

SkinnyScoop Bets That There’s an Oprah in Everyone

Pinterest, but for your inner Oprah.

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I’m a giant vat of creative juices.

— David Pogue on why he’s joining Yahoo