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EA Sports Boss Andrew Wilson Named New CEO of EA

Chair Entertainment Founder: “I Cannot Wait” for Physical Controllers for iPhones

Why the University of Washington Wants Its Surgeons to Play Videogames

Apple’s iPhone 5s/5c Event, in Pictures

Nexon Invests in Former Zynga COO’s New Studio

On Chrome Web Store, Real Games Mix With Mario Knockoffs

First Xbox One TV Ad Shows Off TV Integration, Not Games. But Will It Click?

Googler’s Programming Board Game for Kids Meets Kickstarter Goal in Five Hours

Don’t Like In-App Purchases in Games? Deal With It, Says PopCap.

ATD Week in Review: The Brin-Wojcicki Split and Apple’s iPhone Trade-In

Under Fire, Ouya Game Developers on Kickstarter Say They Did Nothing Wrong

Here’s How the Oculus Rift Will Work on Mobile

Mixamo Aims to “Democratize” Motion Capture, Keep Dots Off People’s Faces

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I’m a giant vat of creative juices.

— David Pogue on why he’s joining Yahoo