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So Much for BlackBerry’s “Clear Shot” at Being No. 3 in the Smartphone Market

Microsoft’s Nokia Deal by the Numbers

Microsoft Explains the Rationale Behind the Nokia Deal

Temporary Surface Pro Price Cut Now Permanent Surface Pro Price Cut

Tesla’s Zero-to-$20 Billion Speed Has Even Musk Shaking His Head

Initial Wave of Tablet Demand Looks to Be Slowing

Patent Trolls Love Apple

Android’s Hugo Barra Departs Google for China’s Xiaomi

Japan Is Getting a New Apple Store

Apple Confirms AlgoTrim Acquisition

The Incredible Shrinking Apple E-Book Remedy

Four Out of Five Malware Menaces Choose Android

Patent Predator Intellectual Ventures Builds Up Lobbying Troops

Apple Says DOJ’s E-Book Remedies Are Biased in Amazon’s Favor

Apple Preps iPhone Trade-In Program

Even Little Deals Are Big Deal to Struggling BlackBerry

What Does the Microsoft-Motorola Mobility Patent Case Mean for BlackBerry?

AllThingsD on TV: Ballmer, Google’s IPO and the Future of Personal Electronics

Baidu Buys Majority Stake in Nuomi

Beyond Monkey Boy: It’s a Steve Ballmer Quote-Tacular!

Xiaomi’s Bigger Than BlackBerry

DOJ Softens Proposed Apple E-Book Injunctions, Slightly

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