Cooliris Nabs $15.5 Million in Funding, as It Upgrades Its 3-D Wall

Published on April 12, 2009
by Kara Swisher


Internet navigation browser plug-in maker Cooliris, which lets users “see” media on the Web in a more visual manner, has gotten $15.5 million in additional funding from its investors.

The new round includes Kleiner Perkins, Cooliris’s initial investor, as well as DAG Ventures, the Westly Group and T-Mobile’s T-Ventures.

Cooliris had already received $3 million two years ago from Kleiner.

The Palo Alto, Calif.-based start-up is also releasing the latest upgrade to its 3-D “wall” software out of beta, which adds more online content from around the Web, including from social-networking sites like Facebook and from a user’s own hard drive.

The trend toward making the Web browser look like a television screen and navigating information more visually is increasing all over the Internet, from video services like Boxee to visually-oriented search services like Searchme.

“We’re trying to allow users to discover, navigate and consume more of the Web in the same amount of time, using visual means, than people do now through text links,” said Austin Shoemaker, Cooliris co-founder and CTO in an interview last week with BoomTown.

Launched last year with a plug-in called PicLens, Cooliris said that its software had been downloaded 10 million times and that it has three million active daily users. It also has a popular iPhone version of its software.

Here are two more Cooliris screenshots like the one above (click on any of them to make them larger):



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