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And You Thought Jawbone UP Was Going to Miss the CES Party!

Samsung Shows Off 7.7-Inch LTE Tablet and More of That “Phablet”

Samsung Unveils “Super” 55-Inch OLED TV

LG: 55-Inch Glasses-Free 3-D Screen Is on the Way

LG Pushes 4G Smartphone Through Verizon: The LG Spectrum

Acer Introduces “World’s Thinnest” Ultrabook and a “Me-Too” Cloud Service

CES 2012: Snooki and Bieber Are In, Gaga Is Out!

At CES 2012, 3-D Is Riding Shotgun to “Smart” TVs

Coming to a Smartphone Near You: Gorilla Glass 2

At CES, Control Your Computer Screen With Your “Gaze”

Chomp: With App Searches, It’s All “Free” and “Games”

Roku to Launch Cordless Streaming Stick for TVs

Was New Year’s Eve a Netflix Moment for Uber?

Uber CEO Responds to New Year’s Eve Complaints, Plans More Surge Pricing

At CES, Expect More Gadgets Telling You to Get Off the Couch

Verizon Introduces “Convenience Fee” for Some Online, Phone Payments

In Memoriam: Tech Products We Lost Too Soon

App-y New Year!

Boxee to Release Last Software Update for PCs

Has the HP TouchPad Lost Its Resale Luster?

Analyze This: You Wrote How Many Emails This Year?

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Another gadget you don’t really need. Will not work once you get it home. New model out in 4 weeks. Battery life is too short to be of any use.

— From the fact sheet for a fake product entitled Useless Plasticbox 1.2 (an actual empty plastic box) placed in L.A.-area Best Buy stores by an artist called Plastic Jesus