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VC-Backed Company Pushes Envelope With Postmarked Email Service

Real-Time Data Start-Ups Carve Out Niches as Revenue Question Looms

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Early Holiday Spending Suggests Strong Season for TVs, Videogames

Vogue Sees Web Lessons in Obama's Campaign

Spilling the Beans on Chrome

Cellphone Entertainment Takes Off in Rural India

Marketers Find Web Chat Can Be Inspiring

China to Claim Half of Online Game Market, Report Says

Volunteers Log Off as Wikipedia Ages

EarthLink Customers Suffer Email Outages

Glasses-Free 3-D Set to Grow, Thomson Reuters Says

Almost Famous: Elemental Technologies' Sam Blackman

Start-Up Employees Tell All…in 140 or Fewer Characters

Sony Bets on Online Push

Almost Famous Update: Now-Out-of-Beta Brizzly Hires Facebooker and Translates Tweets

"Son, I Used to Pay Thousands of Dollars for Textbooks…"

China Mobile Counts on 3G for Its Growth

Some Courts Raise Bar on Reading Employee Email

How to Party Hearty But Still Live a Facebook-Clean Life

China's Cyberwars

Liveblogging Dell Earnings

Protecting Offline Privacy

Merrill Turns Cautious on Chips, Foundries; Many Downgrades; Stocks Swoon

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There’s a lot of attention and PR around Marissa, but their product lineup just kind of blows.

— Om Malik on Bloomberg TV, talking about Yahoo, the September issue of Vogue Magazine, and our overdependence on Google