Déjà Vu: Activist Yahoo Shareholder Takes Aim at Board

It’s not Carl Icahn this time, but the investor attacks are all too familiar for Yahoo.


Yahoo Holder Mithras Capital to Back Icahn Slate

Mithras Capital, an investment firm which holds 1.7 million Yahoo (YHOO) shares, said in a letter to Yahoo Chairman Roy Bostock, CEO Jerry Yang and President Susan Decker on Friday that Mithras plans to vote for Carl Icahn’s slate of directors at the company’s upcoming August 1 annual meeting.

New E-Book Services Borrow a Page From Netflix

Oyster and Scribd let you read an unlimited number of books for a monthly fee, but is there enough content to make it worth it?

Accel Partners’ Jim Breyer to Leave Facebook Board in June

A longtime Facebook director won’t seek reelection to the board come this summer.

Google’s Mobile Game Ingress Finds a Passionate Following

“It’s like the real-world socializing of Foursquare merged with World of Warcraft,” explained Ingress creator John Hanke in a recent interview.
Ingress fan art

Larry Page Is Speechless, Literally — And Won’t Be Onstage at I/O Next Week

Google CEO Larry Page has lost his voice, said Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt today.
photo (18)

Ari’s New Message to Googlers: Let’s Hug It Out, Geeks!

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Mobile Payments Won’t Replace Cash or Credit for Another Decade

It will take another eight years for cash and credit cards to be replaced almost completely by smartphones, according to those interviewed by Pew Research.

Google Q1 Earnings: “Velocity, Execution and Focus”

Here’s how Google CEO Larry Page and his deputies explained their latest quarter and their effective stock split.


Hello, Marc, Welcome to the Social Party

For those of you just getting back into the swing of things from vacation, Salesforce.com staged a mega rock concert — I mean a tech conference — last week: 45,000 registrants, 475 sessions, 700 experts, a performance by Metallica and an after-party with will.i.am.

Q2 Earnings: Google Got 10M Google+ Users in Two Weeks (And Plussed Its Revenues, Too)

With one good quarter and one major product launch under his belt, new Google CEO Larry Page showed his face — or at least his voice — on Wall Street today.


Nothing Says Holidays Like Queen Elizabeth Getting Her Groove On

Holiday “e-cards” have become popular in recent years, first as a way to cut back on paper clutter but increasingly as an outlet for ever-more creative messages. Some venture firms have gotten in on the act, as we’ve seen recently with Onset Ventures’ witty annual card that spoof everything from social networking to “American Idol” and, this year, holiday gift catalogs.

LIVE: Google Press Luncheon

In advance of its shareholder meeting today, Google is holding a press event at its Mountain View, Calif., campus with CEO Eric Schmidt presiding. Also on hand: Dave Drummond, senior vice president of corporate development; Susan Wojcicki, vice president for product management, and Marissa Mayer, vice president, search products and user experience. Hot topics of the day: Google’s and Apple’s interlocking boards, YouTube and the company’s thoughts on the econalypse, AOL and netbooks.

Boylemania, Part II: TV to Internet to TV to Internet…

Susan Boyle’s sensational television singing performance jumped from that medium to become a viral Internet hit, fueling more television that is, of course, headed to the Internet again. Who says old and new media can’t work together? The YouTube official version of the original TV performance is now at 15.6 million views.

Yahoo’s Peter (Chernin) Principle — And Other CEO Choices

Obviously, the dream CEO for Yahoo is News Corp. President and COO Peter Chernin. And, no surprise, he is the No. 1 choice of most inside and outside Yahoo in the wake of the news late yesterday that its current CEO and co-founder Jerry Yang is stepping down. Well, Yahoo would certainly be a challenge for Chernin, in terms of a corporate cleanup challenge, especially compared to figuring out how to make bank on plush toys from “The Simpsons.” But there are many other contenders for the job, despite the slog it could be. Here’s BoomTown’s list …

Here's the Detailed Details of the New Yahoo Reorg

Company in crisis? Employees morale plummeting? Shareholders in revolt? Stock slumping? Barbarians at the gate? The perfect time to get out the Rubik’s Cube for yet another Yahoo reorganization! BoomTown now has the outline of the likely sweeping management changes at Yahoo, to be announced next week by the troubled Internet company. The reorg, which will drastically change the structure of management, explains a lot about the spate of recent departures by top execs at the company.

BoomTown's Short List of Yahoo CEOs (Sorry Jerry, but Fortune Favors the Prepared)

As Yahoo continues to be in limbo, pressure is sure to mount heavily on its CEO and Co-Founder Jerry Yang, and it is not a stretch to imagine he will not remain in the top job at the troubled company for the long term. So who would be good to replace him? I have six candidates I like, so here’s my short list (and remember, the last time I made one for the job of the No. 2 leader for Facebook, its current COO Sheryl Sandberg was high on my list).

MicroHoo: The Warren Buffett Rainbow Connection

No news is bad news! At least for those following the Microsoft-Yahoo takeover battle, since silence is maybe not so golden in this case. Right now, even though Microsoft set a Saturday deadline for starting its proxy battle against Yahoo, the waiting game continues as Yahoo hopes Microsoft will flinch and vice versa. So, can a fun-packed weekend with the folksy Warren Buffett save the day?

Facebook Headhunter: The Quest for the Golden Geek!

If Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is serious about finding a true No. 2 to replace outgoing exec Owen Van Natta and more, then BoomTown has certainly at least two cents to add. So here is our list of ideas, which include a number of women execs, since a list that Facebook has made apparently includes […]

Frenemies in the Yahoo-Microsoft Battle?

One of the more unusual situations in the current stand-off between Yahoo and Microsoft is the stress it has likely put on the longtime professional relationship and personal friendship between Yahoo President Sue Decker (pictured here) and Blackstone Group’s Jill Greenthal. That’s because Greenthal (pictured here) is advising Microsoft on this deal, along with Chuck […]