Android Market Now Just 200,000 Apps Shy of App Store

A new milestone for Google’s Android OS. Android Market now houses 100,000 apps. Quite an achievement, considering it launched in October of 2008 with just 13.

77 Percent of Early iPhone 4 Sales Were Upgrades

Apple’s new iPhone 4 is proving to be one hell of a brand-loyalty generator. According to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, 77 percent of iPhone 4 sales Thursday were upgrades purchased by existing iPhone owners.

The Secret Behind Microsoft’s Mysterious Seinfeld Ads Revealed!

The confusing clips with Jerry and Bill Gates were supposed to be confusing. You buying that?

Netflix CEO: iPad, iPhone Streaming Not a Priority

While unveiling the iPad this past Wednesday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs touted it as “the best device” for watching mobile video. And that may well prove to be the case–but not for mobile video from Netflix, because at this point, the DVD-by-mail pioneer has no plans to bring its subscription-based streaming service to the iPad, or to the iPhone for that matter.

Announcing the Silicon Valley Venture Capital Trepidation Index

Venture capitalists, your calls for smaller funds and for more of an old-school approach to investing have been answered. VC investments last year were the lowest since 1997, according to a report from PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association released on Friday.

Not Bad, Sirius. Not Bad.

The winter holidays were particularly kind to Sirius XM. Consider this: For the satellite radio company’s current quarter, RBC Capital Markets expected Sirius to add 49,000 new subscribers. At the time it was issued, that projection was described as “cautiously optimistic.” And it was…far too cautious. Because after market close Tuesday, Sirius said it added 257,028 net new subscribers in the fourth quarter.

Econalypse Fin

“The technology downturn of 2008 and 2009 is unofficially over.” This, according to Forrester, which claims technology spending will roar back to life in 2010.

2009 Chip Sales Not Nearly So Bad as They Could Have Been

After spending most of the past year buried deep in the mud, the chip industry has almost managed to pull itself out with the help of a boost in consumer spending. According to the latest metrics from Gartner, semiconductor industry revenue will end the year down 11.4 percent from 2008. A nasty drop, but nowhere nearly as gruesome as the the 24 percent drop the research outfit predicted at the beginning of the year.

Click Away: Holiday Web Shopping Bounces Back

ComScore says holiday Web shopping is up three percent, which isn’t that much considering that last year’s sales were soft. But sales were up 11 percent on “Black Friday.”

U.S. Senators Tell EU to Approve Oracle-Sun Deal…Typical Americans

With Sun Microsystems beginning to founder as it awaits European Commission clearance of its acquisition by Oracle, a group of U.S. senators is urging the European Commission to speed up its approval of the deal. In an open letter, the group essentially tells European regulators to “get on with it,” warning that further delay could result in additional layoffs at Sun.

Adobe Sacks Nine Percent of Workforce

China Unicom: 5000 iPhones Sold So Far