Diaspora’s Next Act: Social Remixing Site Makr.io

Big mistake: Bringing beer instead of a laptop to a Makr remixing party.
Shark Week on Makr.io

Lulz > Profits

I think of 4chan as a hobby and not a business. To that end, I don’t operate it in a way that any sane business person would.

— 4chan founder moot, on the occasion of the site’s billionth post

Silicon Valley Investors Flock to Massive Upstart Humor Site 9GAG

9GAG — the fast-growing community site for memes, comics and other Internet humor — has raised $2.8 million.
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Meet 9GAG, the Community Comedy Site That’s Growing Like Crazy

The meme community site 9GAG has grown explosively in the last six months, with more unique visitors around the world than Reddit.
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4chan Founder Chris Poole: It’s Not That I Love Anonymity, It’s That I Hate Facebook’s Identity Requirements

“We all have multiple identities. It’s not abnormal; it’s just part of being human,” 4chan founder Christopher Poole said at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

Social File Sharing Start-Up Minus Raises a Mini-Round, but Hopes to Go Plus-Sized

The slick little start-up that lets users share files by dragging them into their Web browser has raised some cash and is looking to some pretty nerdy Web sites for inspiration in getting social.

With Canvas, Can "Moot" Bottle 4chan and Sell It?

Christopher “Moot” Poole, the creator of 4chan, today opened up testing of an image-sharing community called Canvas, which seems a lot like 4chan without the anonymity.


Verizon Wireless Temporarily Blocks Some 4chan Traffic

Verizon Wireless said Monday that its recent blocking of parts of 4chan was caused by “potentially disruptive” traffic from the popular site. “Our network security system found traffic from some of the 4chan web sites that were potentially disruptive of the Verizon Wireless network and could affect our customers’ use of their services,” Jeffrey Nelson, a spokesman for the wireless carrier, said.


AT&T Says 4chan Block "In No Way Related to the Content"

AT&T said Monday that its weekend block of 4chan was due to an attack on one of its customers and not because of the popular site’s content. In a statement, the telecommunications provider said that a business customer, which it declined to name, was the target of a denial-of-service attack on Friday.