An iPad That’s Mini in Screen Size Only

Apple’s new iPad mini has the same screen resolution and chip for faster processing as the iPad Air.
iPad Mini

In Data-Speed Race, Who Is the Fastest in LTE?

Walt puts four carriers’ LTE services to a download-speed test.

As Expected, Vodafone Sells Its Stake in Verizon Wireless for $130 Billion, Giving Verizon Communications Full Ownership

The deal marks the end of a long, largely successful, joint venture between the two companies. Both parties had, at various times sought to buy out the other.

Sony Steps Up Its Smartphone Game With the Xperia Z

The Sony Xperia Z has a gorgeous screen, good battery life and is water-resistant, but is that enough to take on HTC and Samsung?

Samsung Is Building a Super-Fast LTE-Advanced Galaxy S4

Not much good without a ubiquitous LTE-Advanced network, though.

A View to a Cell: San Francisco Mobile Towers Get Prime Real Estate (Video)

Like anyone looking for a home, cell providers are seeking out prime locations with great views and an understanding landlord.
photo 3 (1)-XL-feature

Clearwire Shareholder Hires Proxy Firm in Bid to Stop Sprint Deal

Crest Financial, which has already sued Clearwire and its directors, indicated that it is willing to take things to a full-on proxy fight, if necessary.

After FloTV Debacle, Qualcomm Finding New Use for Broadcast Know-How

Qualcomm sold the spectrum behind its failed mobile TV effort, but the experience it gained is finding its way into future technologies.

Deciphering Geek Speak: A Guide to the Latest Tech Terms

Phablets, 4K, 4G — there’s a lot of technical jargon out there. Here’s a guide to some of the latest tech terms, and their definitions, to help cut through some of the confusion.

T-Mobile Shouts Back at AT&T While Its Network Team Quietly Builds Away

Even as it launches new ads attacking AT&T, the real work at T-Mobile is building a network that can compete for the long term.

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