Aaron Sorkin: Making a Movie About Steve Jobs Is Like Writing About the Beatles

Don’t expect a cradle-to-grave depiction of Steve Jobs’s life from Aaron Sorkin’s upcoming movie.



You can spot a Sorkin project at 20 paces -- the snappy, overlapping dialogue, the whip-smart characters and the up-to-the moment political topicality. He’s been bringing his award-winning style to the stage, television and movies since “A Few Good Men” debuted on Broadway. His adapted screenplay for the Facebook movie “The Social Network” garnered him an Oscar. Next up for Sorkin is a Broadway musical of Houdini’s life starring Hugh Jackman and a new TV series called “The Newsroom.” As if that weren’t enough, apparently he has always wanted to direct: “The Politician,” the rise and fall of former Senator John Edwards, will mark Sorkin’s adapter/producer/director trifecta.

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