High Five to AllThingsD.com — Happy Birthday to Us

No presents but your presence, dear readers.
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Old-Fashioned Journalism

We really look for reliable sources — we’ll say, for example, that just because someone wrote something in a blog somewhere, that doesn’t mean it’s a reliable source. We need to get sources, you know, that are quite old-fashioned about it.

— Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, to Foreign Policy’s Blake Hounshell

A New Social Network Where Inquiring Minds Run Wild

Katie takes a look at Quora, a question-and-answer site that encourages thoughtful—even long-winded—discussions.

Full Disclosure About Full Disclosure in Blogs

Earlier this week, the Knight Digital Media Center penned a post on the full disclosure policy of All Things Digital. Titled “Transparency for Journalists: AllThingsD Shows What It Can Look Like,” it’s a very nice review of what we do on the site. And we just added more, so read up!

Viral Video: Silicon Valley May Now Officially Blame Larry Kramer for BoomTown

Larry Kramer, the online journalism pioneer and persistent gadfly, finally took credit where credit is certainly due, in a story he tells of giving me my big break way back in the dark ages. In a video interview with Beet.TV recently, Kramer claims I “scared” him into giving me a stringer job at the Washington Post in the early 1980s. That does sound like me.

Insert Bad "Google Captchas reCAPTCHA" Pun Here

Evidently, Google’s efforts to create a new CAPTCHA system that requires people to rotate images until they’re upright aren’t moving as quickly as the company would like. Because this morning, the search giant said it had acquired reCAPTCHA, developer of the Web’s preeminent CAPTCHA technology.

Meet Google’s New Search Engine, Same as the Old Search Engine

Take that, Microsoft! Meet “Caffeine,” Google’s new search engine…which looks just like the old search engine. Confused? Don’t worry–the world’s search pros are trying to figure out the difference between plain-vanilla Google and the new version, which Google is previewing via a blog post.

A Stylus for the iPhone

Walt answers questions about using a stylus with an iPhone and offers suggestions for improving typing accuracy with the virtual keyboard. He also explains how to change Apple’s Safari 4 beta so that it looks and works more like the previous version.