Viral Video: Stuffy Actors Reading Inane Social Media Is a Promising Meme

A stirring debate over the Biebs and Harry Styles.

Viral Video: It’s Another Tequila Sunrise for George Clooney

It could happen to you (not).

Viral Video: Samuel L. Jackson Channels Taylor Swift (Oh, Goody)

We are never ever going to stop laughing.

Viral Video: Tom Hanks’ “Full House” Poetry Slam

Have mercy on Uncle Jesse.

Exclusive: Twitter Eyeing Media Bigs, Including Hollywood Mogul Peter Chernin, for Board Seats

A little entertainment glamour along with the tweets?

After #Eastwooding Exits, Dems Take Their Seat at the Social Table

The empty chair gets an occupant this week.

Viral Video: “The Artist” French Dude Is Très Funny


Viral Video: Seth MacFarlane Roasts Charlie Sheen

The television actor is winning!!! — at being called a loser!

Myspace: A Cautionary Tale or Just a Basic Belly Flop?

That had to hurt.

Memo to the Vanderhook Clan: Stunt Casting Justin Timberlake Isn’t Going to Get Myspace’s SexyBack

Oh dear, oh my — with the first move that the new owners of Myspace have made, it’s pretty clear they are taking the worrisome look-at-the-shiny-celebrity approach. The trio of Vanderhook brothers who run Specific Media, which paid $35 million to buy the News Corp.-owned music-focused social networking site, began by swanning around the appealing singer and actor’s name as an investor. Maybe they should focus on making products the star first.