Marissa Mayer Says Improving Flat Revenue at Yahoo Will Be a “Series of Sprints”

To Summly-rize: Yahoo is trying to race as fast as it can to keep up, but the results are still not in.

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Facebook Wants to Beef Up Design Talent in NYC Office

Facebook is actively seeking designers to work in its midtown Manhattan office, the company announced Monday. Most of Facebook’s 90-member design team is housed in its Menlo Park, Calif., office, though the company aims to recruit enough talent to work specifically out of the 150-person East Coast office. The team will work in conjunction with the advertising sales team to make sure monetized products look pretty on the Facebook platform, which makes sense, considering much of the industry’s ad sales activity is out East.

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AOL Brings Balis Back to Lead Ad Sales Strategy

AOL announced today that Janet Balis is returning to the company as head of sales strategy, marketing and partnerships for AOL Advertising. Balis was SVP for sales development at AOL from 2004 to 2007 and in the interim served as president of Digital Media Strategies and then as executive vice president for media sales and marketing for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

Longtime Facebook Biz Dev Leader Ali Rosenthal to Depart

Alison “Ali” Rosenthal, a veteran of the Facebook business development team, will leave the company at the end of this week, she told NetworkEffect.

Former AOL Media Boss Bill Wilson Rounds Up the Old Gang

Ten former AOLers get new gigs at a radio station chain and start to building. Up first: 30 new local sites plus Taste of Country, which is dedicated to…well, you can guess.

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Latest NBC Cancellation: Google Ad Partnership

Google’s rocky efforts to extend its online advertising prowess into old media hit another big bump with confirmation today that NBC Universal was pulling out of a two-year-old partnership under which Google brokered ad sales for some of its cable networks. Sources tell Adweek that neither the networks nor the advertisers were bowled over by the service or the results.

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Twitter Does Not Have a New York Office

Just a “temporary space” where people who work for Twitter out of New York go and…work. That’s the word from Twitter PR to ReadWriteWeb, which made the mistake of thinking that Twitter had a New York Office because that’s what someone who works for Twitter wrote on Twitter. Tired? I know. But now that Twitter is a media company, with a big-deal ad sales guy and everything, it really might be a good idea to open a New York Office someday. Right?

Washington Post Announces a One-Time Fire Sale for Newsweek

This is how bad things are at Newsweek: Not only has owner Washington Post Co. hired Allen & Company to sell the magazine, but it’s not pretending otherwise.

Can NewsLabs Give Laid-Off Journalists Another Chance?

So you used write for a newspaper and now you’re out of work? Odds are, you’re going to have to find something else to do. But some of you may be able to transform yourselves into one-person news factories, says NewsLabs’ Paul Biggar.

Weekend Update 02.27.10–“Get to High Ground” Edition

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you have come down from your tsunami perch. Grab some soup, put the furniture back on the floor and pull up a chair to catch up with your tech news this week. Better get it in before the aftershocks.

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