D8 Photos: Getting Ready at Terranea

We’re a day away from the start of the D8 conference here at the Terranea Resort in beautiful Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Here are a few photos to whet your appetites before tomorrow!
D8 Signage

Apple Music Event Photos

At 10 am PDT, Apple’s music-centric September event kicks off in San Francisco. All bets are off as to what the focus will be, but the faces and personalities–as well as the show from the stage–will be chronicled LIVE, right here. Stay tuned!


iPhoneDevCamp 2 Apps Recap: Hail a Taxi, Count Push-Ups, Report Disasters and More!

iPhoneDevCamp 2 took place in San Francisco this past weekend; one of the great things about the conference this year and last was the number of applications written by people who met there for the first time or who had no prior iPhone development experience. Sometimes, the cleverest ideas and applications arise from these chance encounters, despite having only two days to come up with these applications. Here are brief descriptions and a few screenshots of some of the nearly 40 applications developed or demoed during iPhoneDevCamp 2.
iPhoneDevCamp 2 Group Photo


iPhoneDevCamp 2

This weekend in San Francisco, the second annual iPhoneDevCamp 2 is underway. Whereas the first confab focused primarily on Web applications, this one has a definite native application flavor, thanks in large part to the fact that the iPhone software development kit (SDK) is out of beta and now available for developers. When the iPhone was released in June, many developers were disappointed by the absence of an SDK for writing third-party applications on day one.