Microsoft Denies Report of Ad Data Being Harvested From Xbox One’s Kinect

Redmond says the latest Xbox One controversy is baloney.

Reminder: Facebook Is Going to Sell Video Ads

You knew this. But it’s good to recall: Facebook — and everyone else on the Web — wants a chunk of that big ad pie that TV has been keeping for itself.
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An Amazonian Challenge: Jason Del Rey Joins All Things Digital, Covering Online Commerce

As the Internet of Things escalates and the offline and online worlds continue to combine, this reporter will chronicle it.

Changing Channels: YouTube Will Pull the Plug on at Least 60 Percent of Its Programming Deals

The video giant wants to be more like TV — which means it’s pulling the plug on up to 60 percent of the shows it funded last year.
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Hope You Like Seeing This Microsoft Surface Ad, Over and Over and Over

Two tablets are launching in the last week of October. Only one of them has started running TV spots.
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Don’t Trust Any Social Network Over 30

Teens aren’t giving up on Facebook, but they’re treating it the same way the gainfully employed treat LinkedIn.

— Writer Dave Williams, in an Ad Age post about whether teens may prefer Twitter to Facebook

Facebook Ads Work, Except When They Don’t. Sometimes. Maybe.

Do Facebook ads work? Ask the ad guys themselves. Just don’t expect a clear answer.

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Google’s $1.5 Billion Ad Bill

Google made some $37 billion selling ads last year. But it’s a big ad buyer, too: The search giant spent an estimated $1.5 billion selling itself in 2011, Ad Age reports. That number will jump significantly this year, since Google is now in the phone-selling business, courtesy of its $12.5 billion Motorola acquisition.

The Night Time Is the Right Time for Watching TV, Surfing the Web, Playing With Apps

You might not be working at the end of the day, but you’re probably pretty busy. That’s a whole lot of multitasking. And another reminder that “mobile” often means “home.”

More Live Video Coming to Facebook. Blame the Webbys!

Weird that the not-totally-serious award show hasn’t streamed live on the Web before, but makes sense that they’d do it on Facebook.
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