The Race to Own Data Addressability Is Its Own “Game of Thrones”

A post-third-party cookie world is coming.

Circa’s Matt Galligan on Building a Different Kind of News Reader (Video)

Mobile news apps are hot. Summly just sold for a ridonkulous amount of money, for example. So what’s up with the “atomic bits” list-makers of the San Francisco?

Out-Trending the Trendmakers: NewsWhip Says It Defeats Twitter and Facebook’s Filter Bubbles

Friends? Who needs friends when you can just fall back on everybody to keep you informed?

New Yahoo COO Henrique De Castro Hints at the Future of the Web Portal (Pro Tip: Get Personal!)

A bit of insight from Yahoo’s new ops man, in a very general way.
Yahoo COO Henrique De Castro, right, in conversation at DLD Munich.

Wavii Gives a Fresh Look at the Political Landscape

A news aggregation site makes Election 2012 a whole lot prettier to look at.

Digg’s “Blank Slate” Approach Could Hinder Its Journey Back to Relevance

Everyone loves a fresh start. But could Digg’s drastic redesign shoot itself in the foot before it even gets out the gate?

A Sports Aggregator Finds a Home: Gannett Buys Quickish

The people who bring you USA Today also want to be known for online sports. Here’s another move in that direction.

Microsoft Finally Dumps Deal Provider Now Owned by Google

Microsoft has inked a new partnership with 8coupons to replace The Dealmap, which had been providing local offers to Bing Deals for about nine months.

Viral Video: Liz Gannes May (or May Not) See Hubski Now!

Nice try, Steve Clausnitzer!
gannes copy

Apple iPad News Reader Zite Sold to CNN for Just Over $20 Million

Zite, the magazine-style reading app for the Apple iPad, has been sold to news giant CNN for $20 million to $25 million.

Waxman to Wolff: Unhand My Content!

Yahoo Snags Citizen Sports