Apple Issues Software Update for Spotty Wi-Fi on Some New MacBook Airs

So maybe it wasn’t your at-home router, after all.

Scattered Complaints Arise About Apple’s New MacBook Air and Wi-Fi Connectivity

Super-slim? Check. Long-lasting battery? Check. Connects to the InterWebs?…

Three Battery-Boosting Cases for iPhone 5

Three iPhones walk into a bar. Which one leaves with the most juice?
Mophie Juice Pack Air

Why Twitter Killed Tweetdeck for AIR, iPhone and Android

Twitter puts more products out to pasture.

Apple MacBook Pros With Retina Display Get Faster, Cheaper

Now you can get a MacBook Pro Retina for a (slightly) more affordable $1,499.

GoGo Goes for IPO

Stock symbol? You guessed it: GOGO.

Adobe Scrapping Flash for TV, Too‎

“The right approach to deliver content on televisions is through applications, not a Web browsing experience.”

Adobe Admits It Is Saying Buh-Bye to Flash for Mobile Devices

Looks like Apple’s Steve Jobs was right (as usual).

Horse Flash: Apple’s Steve Jobs on Adobe Vendetta in 2010 at D8 (Video)

Why Apple put the popular software technology out to pasture.

Zipline Games Offers a Speedier Way to Market for Mobile Games

Seattle-based Zipline Games, which operates out of Seattle’s Founder’s Co-op, has developed Moai platform, which will enable mobile games to run more seamlessly across iPhone and Android using Amazon’s Web services.

RIM Shares a Page From Its PlayBook

Wired Comes to the iPad, Version 2.0