Competing Against Amazon's Cloud

As more telecommunications carriers launch rivals to Amazon.com’s popular computing-services business, a Silicon Valley start-up is aiming to help them beat the Web giant’s prices by tackling one layer of the computing “stack”—data-storage software.


E-Commerce Surge May Hit Tax Revenue

The rapid growth in internet sales is great for online retailers. But it’s not such good news for state and local governments. The Commerce Department reported Thursday that e-commerce retail sales totaled $44 billion in the fourth quarter last year, up from $38 billion a year earlier. E-commerce sales now account for 4.3 percent of total retail sales (which include lots of things that don’t get bought online, like new cars, gasoline and restaurant meals), up from one percent a decade ago. For the year, e-commerce sales totaled $165 billion.


Dangdang CEO's Tweets Of Rage

E-Commerce China Dangdang Chief Executive Guoqing Li lost his temper Sunday on China’s biggest Twitter-like microblogging service, Sina Weibo, accusing Morgan Stanley of undervaluing his company’s initial public offering and exchanging outrageously off-color insults with a user who claimed to work for the financial services firm.


WikiLeaks Using Amazon Servers After Attack

WikiLeaks, the website that published a quarter-million sensitive diplomatic cables on Sunday, is using Amazon.com Inc. servers in the U.S. to help deliver its information. It sounds like an odd choice, but it could make sense.


Online Shopping Poised for Another Holiday Lift

Black Friday may still be crowded down at the mall, but this year more of America’s holiday shopping is going to happen online, says Forrester Research.

News Byte

Outage at Amazon.com

Amazon.com has been limping badly for a few hours now, and anecdotal reports of downtime are flying across Twitter. According to an Amazon support staff forum post, “We continue to experience an issue that is impacting customers’ ability to place orders on the Amazon.com website as well as the display of item details within Manage Your Inventory within your seller account. We appreciate your understanding as we work toward resolution.”


Amazon, Dell Founders Help Fund Healthcare Startup

A Seattle startup that provides primary health care for a flat monthly fee is getting some big-name financial backers from the technology industry: Jeff Bezos and Michael Dell. Qliance Medical Management Inc. says it has raised $6 million in new funding in a financing round led by Bezos Expeditions, the personal investment company of Amazon.com’s CEO; additional financing came from MSD Capital, Michael Dell’s investment firm.


Google, Amazon Likely to Lead Black Friday's E-Commerce Gains

Black Friday is expected to kick off a more upbeat e-commerce season this year, but heavyweights Amazon.com, Google and eBay are poised to make the biggest holiday gains, analysts said.


Justices to Study Patents on Business Methods

Microsoft Corp., Bank of America Corp. and L.L. Bean Inc. are just some of the companies that have flooded the Supreme Court with advice as it prepares for Monday’s arguments over one of the biggest questions involving intellectual property: When can a business method be patented?


Will You Remember Your PayPhrase?

We already have a ton of passwords to remember. Now Amazon.com wants us to remember something new–PayPhrase–which has already sparked an online pile on. The program, which Amazon announced Wednesday, is supposed to replace ordinary login and password combinations with a phrase and PIN combination that are linked to a specific account and shipping address.

Palm's Pre Inventory Glut