Netflix Doesn’t Have the Market Cornered on Binge TV: Zombies + Walter White Help AMC Win the Fall VOD War

You have to work (relatively) hard to get video on demand out of your pay-TV provider. But lots of you are doing it.

How to Sell Songs on iTunes if You’re Not Miley Cyrus or Katy Perry

Hint: Find a really popular TV show.
breaking bad badfinger baby blue

Apple Makes Good on “Breaking Bad” Split Season Silliness

$22.99 refund.

“The Walking Dead” Inspires a MOOC

The eight-week “Society, Science, Survival: Lessons from AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead'” starts Oct. 14.


The Disequilibrium of Power: How Retransmission Consent Went So Wrong, and How to Fix It

Local broadcast retransmission consent legislation was never intended to fund NFL rights acquisition and prime-time network programming.

“Breaking Bad” Is Big on Twitter, Facebook — And TV, Too

TV ratings: Up 2x. “Social TV” ratings: Up 4x.


TV Networks Play to “Second Screen”

Last weekend, members of the cast and crew of AMC Networks Inc.’s crime drama “The Killing” were on location in Vancouver, British Columbia, shooting material for Sunday’s season premiere. What they produced won’t be shown on television, though. It is meant for smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Netflix Still Says “House of Cards” Did Great, but Still Won’t Talk Ratings

It would be pretty amazing if the company said its first original show did as well as “The Walking Dead.” But Netflix says it didn’t say that.


TV Is Changing Before Our Eyes

I believe we live in a show-based world, and that shows delivered over IP allow for the slow unbundling of television.

Spogo App Lets You Bet on Live Sports (Sort Of)

But what are the odds that sports fans will go for it?

Want to Watch TV on Your iPad? Pay Up.

Yahoo’s $100 Million TV Ad

Viral Video: Mad (Wo)Men

HP Keeps the Ink Flowing