Honeycomb Tablet Has 4G and 3-D But Is No iPad

LG’s new G-Slate tablet has 4G cellular capability that makes it much speedier than the iPad. But its 3-D feature and in-between size are lackluster features.
G-Slate Android Honeycomb Tablet

The Echo Doubles Up on Touch Screens

There’s nothing special about a smartphone with a slide-out keyboard, but a smartphone with two touch screens is enough to turn heads. Katie reviews the Kyocera Echo.
Kyocera Echo

Verizon’s ThunderBolt Moves Like Lightning

Verizon’s ThunderBolt 4G cellphone is a speed demon, zipping past rival 4G phones’ cellular-data speeds and even past many home land-line Internet connections.
Verizon ThunderBolt 4G Smartphone

The Sidekick Is Dead. Long Live the Sidekick. T-Mobile Aims to Reinvent the Original Smartphone.

While T-Mobile is moving ahead with plans to kill off the last vestiges of the Danger-based Sidekick, it is also going forward with a new Sidekick, this one a 4G Android-based phone from Samsung. Though it’s new under the hood, T-Mobile took pains to retain as much of the old Sidekick feel as possible, and built in a few new tricks.

Motorola’s Xoom Starts Tablet Wars With iPad

Motorola is launching its Xoom tablet on Feb. 24, and it’s the first real competitor to Apple’s hit iPad, writes Walt. That is partly because it is the first iPad challenger to run Honeycomb, an elegant new version of Google’s Android operating system designed especially for tablets.

Buyer's Remorse: 16 Percent of Galaxy Tabs Are Returned

No wonder sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab to date haven’t been what the company expected. Not only are consumers buying fewer of them than previously thought–they’re also returning them more frequently.

Exclusive: Google’s Android Design Expert Outlines the Vision Behind Honeycomb

In an interview, former Palm designer Matias Duarte talks about the changes that will allow Android to evolve from a phone-centric operating system to one well-suited to tablets and all manner of other devices.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Sells Well to Retailers–Consumers, Not So Much

Samsung may have shipped two million Galaxy Tabs in its fourth quarter, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it sold them all. Because evidently, it didn’t. In truth, sales to date haven’t been as fast as the company expected.”

What’s on the Table for Tablets This Year

Walt on the road map ahead for the many tablet computers expected out this year.
Xoom Tablet

Mossberg’s Best and Worst Products of 2010

Walt shares the best and worst products he reviewed in 2010 on WSJ Digits.

Using Phones Globally

Droid Sales Boost Motorola Profits