Bulk-SMS App Maker Bazuc Responds to Lookout’s Claims, Says Consumers Should Pay Attention to Risks

The man behind Bazuc acknowledges that there are risks to his app, which offers to pay users to send text messages through their account.

Lookout Warns App That Pays for Unused Text Messages Is a Big-Time Security Threat

The app, called Bazuc, proposes that users allow them to send text messages from their plan. In exchange, it offers to pay users a tenth of a penny for each message sent.

Maybe BlackBerry Should Focus on Low-End Phones, Become the Hyundai of Mobile

The struggling device maker should focus on producing an affordable, keyboard-equipped phone for the global mass market, says Wedge Partners principal Brian Blair.

Cyanogen Raises Another $23 Million From Tencent and Andreessen Horowitz to Help Fund a More Open Android

The company expects to hire about 70 more people in the next several months to boost its engineering and design ranks.

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BlackBerry’s BBM Chat Software to Come Preloaded on Some LG Phones

Struggling phone maker BlackBerry said on Wednesday that its BBM instant messaging software will soon come preloaded on a phone from Korea’s LG Electronics. BlackBerry, which recently made BBM freely available for iOS and Android, said that the software will also come preinstalled on the LG G Pro Lite phone in various markets around the world.

Barcelona Is Samsung’s Next Destination in Global Quest for Developers

The Korean electronics giant plans a daylong developer event in February, in conjunction with next year’s Mobile World Congress.

Google Pulls Privacy Feature it Says Wasn’t Supposed to Be in Android in First Place

Google maintains that the unsupported feature can cause apps to crash.

Why Nokia Is Building an Android Phone and Why Microsoft Might Not Kill It

Sources confirm that Nokia’s effort to co-opt Android for its low-end smartphone business has endured and could even survive beyond the company’s acquisition by Microsoft.

LG Flex Offers a Feel for the Future, but It’s Still a Bit Stiff for a Flexible Device

On its own, the display inside the new Android phone is quite bendy. But add in the battery, cover glass, and other components, and the phone appears rather rigid.
LG Flex-feature

Apple Store a Big Source of Cellphone Sales; Best Buy Is Key for Carriers

AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile still get half or more of sales from their own stores, but a couple of other retailers have emerged as significant players in the cellphone-selling business.

Two Jury Verdicts Still Don’t Equal Resolution in Battle of Apple vs. Samsung

Samsung Seeks to Have Current Apple Case Put on Hold Following Patent Office Action

Russia’s Mail.ru Hopes to Crack U.S. Market With Mobile Chat and Email Programs

Men in Black Suits II: Apple-Samsung Retrial Suffers From Sequel’s Curse

Facebook Says It Has Learned Important Android Lessons From Building Home

With 190,000 Smartwatches Sold, Pebble Boosts iPhone Support

Motorola Teases Moto G Launch for November 13

Samsung Extends Agreement to License Nokia Patents