Prismatic Social News App Overhauls for a Better Personal Interest Graph

It’s yet another social news app, but perhaps a smarter one.

Pact Raises $1.5M to Help People Hit Health Goals by Putting Money on the Line

Negative incentives work.

Doctor On Demand App Gives $40 Medical Consultations From the Comfort of Your Smartphone

With the Doctor On Demand app for Android and iOS, users can dial up a licensed doctor for a face-to-face appointment at a cost of $40 per 15 minutes.

With 120M Users, Google Drive Gets Tighter Integration With Gmail

“We’re trying to unify the file experience across Google and then beyond,” said Scott Johnston.
A sketch for the design of the new Google Drive integration in Gmail

One to Watch: “Red State” App Life360 Helps Families Track Themselves

Constant location tracking is creepy, but with Life360, it’s your own family you’re stalking.

Google Claims Great Leaps Forward in Voice Search

Google improved voice search by 20 percent last year, and then another 25 percent this year, it said today.

Google’s New Nexus 5 Is the Googley-est Phone Yet

Google’s latest flagship phone, the Nexus 5, runs on a new “launcher” app that unites the phone interface around Google services.

Samsung to Developers: Come Play for the Biggest Team (And the One With TVs)

Samsung would like its leadership in smart TVs to help pull along its mobile platform — which is already huge among users, but not yet developers.

Former Googlers’ Cover App Makes Android Lock Screens More Useful (Video)

A startup brings personalization and context awareness to the basic Android user interface.
Cover co-founders

Google CIO Ben Fried on How Google Works

It’s the CIO’s paradox of balancing control and empowerment, the old approach and the new: Fried says no to Dropbox, maybe to Windows, yes to BYOD — but only if it’s a phone or tablet.
Google CIO Ben Fried

Telefónica Will Push Pinterest to New Users in Latin America and Europe

Agent App Helps Android Phones Anticipate Users’ Needs

KitKat Is Next: 1B Activations Later, Android Opts for a Branded Treat

The Biggest Crowdfunding Campaign Ever Is Probably Going to Fail

With Rando, the World Is Connected and Mundane and That’s Kind of Beautiful

PlayerLync, the NFL’s Favorite iPad App Maker, Raises Funding

Google’s New Zagat Is Much More Limited (For Now), but It’s Free

The Latest From Chrome and Android at Google Launch Event

After Waze, What Else Can Mobile Crowdsourcing Do?

Tomfoolery’s Anchor App Is About Workplace Social, Not Productivity

More Than 1M U.S. Android Users Downloaded Adware in the Past Year