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Microsoft’s Andy Lees Loses President Title, Picks Up New Duties

The former Windows Phone head is now in charge of Microsoft’s corporate strategy and development.


President, Windows Phone Division

At Microsoft, Andy Lees is leading one of the software giant’s most important initiatives as president of its Windows Phone division. His come-from-behind job includes mobile software and hardware, as well as its key partnership with Nokia. With Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android far in the lead, Lees will need to win in markets globally, especially in Asia.

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Microsoft’s Andy Lees Exits VP of Corp Dev Role

Andy Lees, Microsoft’s vice president of corporate strategy and development, will be stepping down from the position he has held for the past seven months. Lees plans to go on sabbatical to return to his family in the United Kingdom, and will announce his new position at Microsoft later in the summer. Previous to his corp dev role, Lees lead the Windows Phone team, and has held positions in worldwide sales and marketing, and the server and tools divisions. Managing director Marc Brown will lead corp dev, while Charlie Songhurst will remain head of strategy; both will report to Amy Hood.

Exclusive: Microsoft Replaces Lees as Head of Windows Phone Business

Engineering head Terry Myerson will take over full leadership of the team, with current boss Andy Lees shifting to a new role, AllThingsD has learned.

Microsoft Windows Phone Head Andy Lees: The Full AsiaD Interview (Video)

It’s a great time to watch this interview with Andy Lees, president of Microsoft’s Windows Phone unit, since the software giant is holding a big event in New York on Monday to celebrate the U.S. launch of devices running the new Mango version of the smartphone.

Andy Lees: Highlights From AsiaD (Video)

Andy Lees, president of the Microsoft’s Windows Phone division, is enthusiastic about the future for Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft’s Andy Lees, Windows Phone 7 Comes of Age

If Andy Lees isn’t the guy charged with saving Microsoft, he’s certainly in the top three.
Andy Lees at AsiaD

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And so our international expansion of D: All Thing Digital starts and we could not be more proud that it begins here in Hong Kong, with AsiaD. So why Asia? It seemed the most obvious choice for us, as we looked at the global landscape for tech.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone Boss Says Dual-Core, LTE Models Coming

Microsoft’s strategy is to wait until new technologies can be implemented in a sensible and power-efficient way. But that doesn’t mean Microsoft doesn’t want to be at the cutting edge.
Windows Phone Mango devices

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Ahead of New iPhones, Microsoft’s Smartphone Boss Finds Reasons to Smile

In an interview with AllThingsD, Windows Phone unit President Andy Lees talks about a few areas where Cupertino has had to follow Redmond, plus how the company hopes to catch up in an area where it is clearly behind: The sales front.
Andy Lees

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