Andy Rubin

SVP, Mobile & Digital Content

Andy Rubin is responsible for Google’s mobile and digital content businesses, including development of Android and Google Play. Prior to joining Google, he was founder and CEO of Android, a company he incubated as an entrepreneur in residence at Redpoint Ventures. Android was acquired by Google in 2005.

Previously, Rubin was president and CEO of Danger Inc., where he helped create the Sidekick, one of the first mobile devices to offer a direct Internet experience. Earlier, he was instrumental in building and shipping WebTV, the first interactive television-based Internet service, which was acquired by Microsoft in 1995. He also led the effort to ship the Motorola Envoy, one of the first wireless PDAs for General Magic, and helped design the 
first host-based software modem for Apple Computer.

He began his career as a software engineer for Carl Zeiss A.G., maker of industrial and consumer optical products, and is the author of numerous patents in wireless communications.

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