With ThinkUp, Data Geeks Aim to Create the “Quantified Selfie”

A forthcoming app from Anil Dash and Gina Trapani plans to deliver insights into how you use social.

Marriage Equality

I dunno, Sean Parker spent tacky millions on a wedding vs. cynical lobbying like Zuckerberg; nowhere near as gross as Larry Ellison’s MiG.

Anil Dash, via Twitter

Terminal Snooping

Seriously, though, surreptitiously spying on what users do is actually the underpinning of the entire web advertising industry.

— Anil Dash, via Twitter

The Things We Left Behind

We get bullshit turf battles like Tumblr not being able to find your Twitter friends or Facebook not letting Instagram photos show up on Twitter because of giant companies pursuing their agendas instead of collaborating in a way that would serve users. And we get a generation of entrepreneurs encouraged to make more narrow-minded, web-hostile products like these because it continues to make a small number of wealthy people even more wealthy, instead of letting lots of people build innovative new opportunities for themselves on top of the web itself.

Anil Dash, in a post on his personal blog, entitled “The Web We Lost”

Standalone Wit

It’s the best standalone platform there is for witticisms.

Evan Williams, CEO of the Obvious Corporation and former CEO of Twitter, speaking about Twitter at Climate Week in New York, via @anildash

Surface Aggression

Renewed aggressiveness from Microsoft could do the whole tech industry a lot of good. iTunes is as bloated and user-hostile as Outlook was in the ’90s.

Anil Dash, on the Surface tablet


How Will Facebook’s Zuckerberg Adapt to Working in the Public Eye?

Brandee Barker, Anil Dash, Jason Hirschhorn and Robert Scoble reflect on how Facebook’s shy wunderkind will perform as the head of a publicly traded company.

How to Win a Twitter Fight

Arguing online is like wearing a sharkskin vest. You look like a jerk.

Anil Dash, in Businessweek’s How To issue

Gawker Will Deputize Commenters, Says Sheriff Nick Denton

Gawker plans to launch an ambitious new commenting model within the next couple months, said its founder Nick Denton at SXSW today.

New Start-Ups Branch and PandaWhale Provide Homes for Online Discussions

Can we go beyond YouTube comments and Twitter trolls? Two start-ups hope to foster and aggregate quality discourse on the Internet. No, really!