One of the Year’s Most Addictive Mobile Games Doesn’t Seem Like a Game at All

And it’s making money faster than you can say “ninja.”
ninja feature

Mixamo Aims to “Democratize” Motion Capture, Keep Dots Off People’s Faces

Mixamo unveils software that hopes to make anyone with a Webcam into a motion-capture actor.
serkis feature

With White House on Tumblr Promising GIFs, Here’s Some to Kick It Off Right

Don’t miss the skateboarding one.

So, Why Isn’t the Angry Birds Cartoon Coming to American TV?

As if you needed another screen in your home with Angry Birds on it, anyway.

Argentina-Based Wideo Wants You to Ditch PowerPoint and Make a Cartoon Instead

Animation for dummies (or at least for anyone who’s sick of slide-heavy presentations).
Screen shot 2012-10-31 at 1.18.45 AM

Keeping Up With Sandy on Twitter

There’s a storm coming.

Dreamworks Animation Names New CTO

Lincoln Wallen promoted to top tech job at Hollywood animation studio.

EA’s Madden 13 Looks to Score With More Physical Play

Thanks to a new animation engine in this year’s version, the hits look like they hurt more.

Behind The Scenes At Pixar, With Ed Catmull (Video)

Onstage at D10, Pixar’s Ed Catmull reflected on his role as the manager of two major animation studios that have pumped out some of the most ground-breaking films of the past couple of decades.
ed catmull at D

Now What?  The Post-Jobs Era in Tech.

Viral Video: LulzSec Gets Taiwanesed

Viral Video: "Tangled"

Viral Video: "Rango"