Creating and Sharing Videos That Are Not Too Long and Not Too Short

If you want more than Vine or Instagram offer, with less work than a full video-editing app, try the apps from Magisto and Animoto.


Monetizing Photos and Video Clips in the New World of Bits

There are five distinct approaches that companies are taking in the race to make money.

Qwiki Shuts Down Web Platform, Launches Social Mobile Video App

Qwiki joins the mobile-social-video-sharing craze.

Animoto Launches App for Easy iPhone Slideshows

Animoto, a New York-based slide-show service that makes awesomesauce out of pictures and video clips, has launched an iPhone app.

Animoto Raises $25M for Video Slideshow Creation

Animoto, the video slideshow creation tool that has been cash flow positive since late 2009, raised $25 million in funding after building its business on $5 million in the last five years.