Ann Moore

Chairman and CEO
Time Inc.

In 2002, Ann Moore took over at the legendary magazine company, which publishes approximately 150 magazines (you might have heard of Time, Fortune, People and Sports Illustrated) read more than 300 million times worldwide on a monthly basis, accounting for nearly a quarter of total advertising revenues of U.S. consumer magazines. Despite its power, the publisher is still playing catch-up in the digital arena, after its disastrous Pathfinder service and especially after the nightmare merger with AOL in 2000. It is still casting about for a cogent strategy to translate its huge trove of content into influential digital products and Ms. Moore recently made major cuts at the company and refocused it more toward pursuing Internet opportunities. A native of McLean, Virginia, she graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1971 and received her master's degree in business administration from Harvard Business School in 1978. She joined Time Inc. later that year, which was her first job.

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